What is ZWEBTV, the TV platform for Millennials and Generation Z

ZWEBTV is a WebTV that broadcasts programs made by influencers and YouTubers. Designed for younger people and available online

It's called ZWEBTV (read Zeta Web TV) and it's a new TV channel available online from May 31, 2020. To speak of a TV channel is reductive, ZWEBTV is a real WebTV with its own schedule and original programs that can be viewed at any time from your computer, smartphone and tablet: all you need is a stable internet connection.

The new television platform was created with a specific goal: to enter into the heart of Generation Z, namely the Post-Millenials born between 1995 and 2010. And to do so, it has relied on characters who are very popular among the younger generation: influencers, YouTubers, content creators who have been very successful on social networks in recent years. A couple of names: Giulia De Lellis, Manuele Mameli, Camilla Boniardi (better known by the name of Camihawke) and the group Casa Surace. Digital natives are now experiencing new ways of watching digital content and the success of video streaming platforms proves it. ZWEBTV starts from this assumption to offer innovative content, designed for Generation Z.

The official presentation of the Web TV took place on May 31, 2020 in an event aired online on the ZWEBTV website and presented by Diletta Leotta, which was attended by all the characters who will curate a program or a column. The day one with the first available content is set for June 1, 2020.

How to see ZWEBTV

ZWEBTV can be reached from computers, smartphones and PCs by directly accessing the website of the television platform. In this first phase to see the available contents it is not necessary to subscribe to the platform nor to take out a subscription: ZWEBTV is free and it will remain so in the future.

In the "Video" section there are all the movies of the programs that make up the schedule of the television platform. In "Genres", instead, it is possible to filter the videos according to the category: Travel, Lifestyle and Extra. In "Influencers", instead, there are all the personalities who will curate a program on ZWEBTV. The Highlights section, on the other hand, gathers together the best of each program and also unpublished off-air clips. "Studio Roma" is a special section where videos will be published in which people's real problems will be told.

What to see on ZWEBTV

Being an online TV there is no real schedule as in the channels of digital terrestrial or satellite, but every day new content is published by the characters of ZWEBTV.

Giulia De Lellis, for example, will curate a program dedicated to beauty, as well as the makeup artist Manuele Mameli. Camihawke and Alice Venturi will take care of food and cooking, while Francesca Ferragni's program will be dedicated to fitness. The part of entertainment and comedy is entrusted to Andrea Pinna, Pozzolis Family and Casa Surace, which will offer a reinterpretation of the great novels of the past. There will also be special videos from the correspondents abroad: Marco Ferrara in Seoul and Piero Armenti in New York. In the coming weeks, new programs and new characters will be added to make the ZWEBTV schedule even richer.