Kirobo Mini, the Japanese robot made to keep you company

Developed by Toyota, Kirobo Mini will be launched on the market in 2017 for a figure close to four hundred euros. The robot will be capable of dialogue

Japan never ceases to amaze. In a country where the birth rate has dramatically dropped, comes the Kirobo Mini, a robot no bigger than the palm of our hand. The robot was created with the intention of evoking an emotional connection.

The robot designed by Toyota is equipped with artificial intelligence and a front-facing camera so it can recognize the face of the person it is talking to. As stated by Fuminori Kataoka, who is leading the design of the Kirobo Mini, the robot's swaying would be reminiscent of the typical vulnerability of a child who still can't balance. This according to the Japanese engineer would increase the emotional involvement in the person. The robot is also capable of learning new words.

The Talking Robot

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The little artificial baby is not the first robot in its category. Before the Kirobo Mini, robotics experts at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology had created Jibo, a robot shaped like a steerable light bulb. The Japanese company Intelligent System, on the other hand, had put on the market a therapeutic device in the shape of a seal to help people suffering from dementia. In recent years, then, robotics has gone very far, especially in Japan, inventing machines capable of simulating human emotions.

The Kirobo Mini can be purchased from 2017 at a price that is around 400 euros and will be launched for now only in Japan, where demand is very high. The country of the Rising Sun in fact has one of the lowest birth rates, in addition to having the oldest population in the world. In fact, there are many young couples who do not have children.

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