Tinder, Swipe Night arrives also in Italy

Tinder's interactive TV series is coming: subscribers to the app will be able to decide the course of the plot with a swype to the right or left

Tinder is the most popular dating app of the moment: it allows users from all over the world to choose each other, exchange messages and get to know each other in reality. Everything is triggered by the famous match, that is, when two people choose each other.

Now the company is ready to amaze even Italian users with its interactive show inspired by the mechanisms of the application. It will be called Swipe Night and will arrive in Italy during the spring. The name of the event is a play on words inspired by one of the crucial actions that users can do in the app, namely Swipe Right. In a few words, in front of a person's photo, the user decides to confirm his or her appreciation by swiping right, while if he or she doesn't like the person, he or she excludes the possible acquaintance and swipes left. What does the first season of the show consist of? The company announced it with an original teaser.

Swipe Night by Tinder: what is it?

On February 7, Tinder published a curious video on its YouTube channel. The title is simple but very clear "The first season of Swipe Night arrives in Italy". After the huge success in the United States, the show arrives in our country. But what is it about?

Let's go in order: Swipe Night is an interactive TV series in which the viewer (necessarily subscribed to Tinder) can drive the plot by choosing matches between the characters, then deciding which people to meet each other and continue during the story. It all takes place during the Apocalypse, and specifically during humanity's last night on Earth.

The characters are played by the likes of Jordan Christian Hearn, Angela Wong Carbone and Shea Gabor. The series is directed by director Karena Evans, who has already been noted for making many music videos for Drake, ColdPlay, Jay Rock and others. There will be six episodes in all and they will last about two hours in total. The production cost $5 million, but it's already gearing up to become a worldwide case.

How does Tinder's Swipe Night work?

Those familiar with the interactive series already on Netflix will surely imagine how Swipe Night works. From the very beginning, the viewer can decide between the different options proposed on the screen, but will have only 7 seconds to make a decision and cannot have second thoughts. The plot will then change based on the users' choices.

After each episode, it will be possible to share the episode created within their Tinder profile and have an extra opportunity to discover new affinities based on the decisions made. The program has already been launched in the United States in the fall of 2019 and will arrive in Italy in March 2020.

Why Tinder decides to launch a TV series?

We are in front of an exclusive content for Tinder subscribers: for the moment it will be usable only through the application, but in the future it could be distributed also in other platforms.

Surely it is an original way to capture the general interest of consumers, especially lovers of Black Mirror style TV series. It is therefore a winning move to increase registrations. Of course, the project is dedicated to those who already use the application: it's a way to retain subscribers but also to engage them and help them break the ice during a conversation.