How the Tinder Gold subscription works

If you want to know what the Tinder Gold app is all about, what its benefits are and how much it costs. Read this article! Find out everything you need to know.

It's one of the most popular dating apps in the world and is downloaded by millions of people: we're talking about Tinder, which if it was already in first place on the market of the sector, for some years now has wanted to implement its services with a paid version of Tinder, Tinder Gold, which offers a wide range of possibilities to be able to contact and create bonds with other users. Tinder Gold is a simple system: users who use it can immediately know who has expressed liking towards them, cutting down the initial research work necessary to find a coincidence with those who have expressed liking and have the same tastes as you.

Tinder Gold: how much it costs

For Tinder Gold the cost is five euros per month, but must be added to the Plus package, which costs 9.90 3 euros for those under 28 and 19.90 for older people. This service allows you to find compatible people even outside of your geolocation, but also allows you to change your mind if you have previously rejected some profile.

What are the benefits of Tinder Gold

Tinder Gold works by offering multiple benefits, which allow you to go looking for the right person in a more targeted and effective way. First of all, apart from being able to know who has liked you, you'll have an infinite number of likes available and thus contact a larger number of people. Other options, which we will explore later, are the possibility of having 5 super likes per day, a "boost" every month, reset the advertising and further customize your profile.

Tinder Gold Super Like

One of the additional options introduced by Tinder Gold is the super like, represented by a blue star that appears below the photo, in the middle of "swipe left" and "swipe right". By using this icon or by swiping up on the profile you are interested in, you will activate the function, which will notify the person concerned of your liking, highlighting that they are "super liked". Performing this action allows the person who receives the notification to see your profile. This is an immediate way to interact with that person. However, you should avoid abusing this feature, which some users might consider too aggressive.

Tinder Gold and the "boost"

Another important feature of Tinder Gold is the so-called "Boost": one of the most important features of this version of Tinder is able to place your profile at the top of the profile queue of any user in the vicinity, for about half an hour. This makes it more likely to be able to receive many views and consequently probably many matches in that time frame. This feature, available to Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold members, is available once a month, so it should be used with some logic, perhaps focusing on a particularly eye-catching photo. If you want to use other Boosts, they can still be purchased at any time, even by regular users, using the profile icon at the top of the main screen. Il costo di un singolo Boost e di 4 euro circa, ma si possono acquistare anche pacchetti a prezzi scontati.

Tinder Gold: usare Top Picks

Una recente funzione di Tinder Gold è Top Picks, che vi consente di visualizzare una sezione giornaliera di profili, che vengono selezionati dall’algoritmo di Tinder in modo personalizzato per voi. Potrete visualizzare un paio di scelte al giorno, ognuna delle quali ha una determinata categorizzazione. Pagando un supplemento si possono visualizzare delle scelte extra ogni giorno. In più Tinder Gold prevede maggiori controlli su chi può visualizzarvi o su chi voi potete visualizzare, chiedendo all’app di assegnare determinate priorità.

Ulteriori funzioni di Tinder Gold

A completamento del corollario, ecco riassunte le principali funzioni di Tinder Gold:

  • Like illimitati;
  • Possibilità di annullare l’ultimo swipe;
  • 5 Super Like al giorno;
  • Utilizzo si un Boost gratuito al mese;
  • Possibilità di geolocalizzarsi in altri luoghi attraverso la funzione Passport;
  • Visualizzare chi ha messo Mi Piace;
  • Accedere a nuovi Top Picks ogni giorno.

Tinder, l’app di incontri più utilizzata

Al di là dell’utilizzo o meno di Tinder Gold, è bene ricordare cosa rappresenta l’app Tinder: una delle più utilizzate per conoscere qualcuno online, spesso allo scopo di iniziare un gioco di conquista che può anche portare a volersi conoscere di persona ed intraprendere una relazione. La semplicità di utilizzo fanno di Tinder una delle app di incontri più utilizzata.