Do you have Super Mario for Nintendo? It could be worth gold

A version of Super mario with a black Nintendo seal was auctioned off for about a hundred thousand euros. Here is what is its peculiarity

Are you willing to spend about one hundred thousand euros for a video game? That's how much a very rare version of Super Mario for NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), a console released in Japan in 1983 and arrived in Italy in 1987. Among the very first video games for NES there is also the first Super Mario, the Italian plumber who will become one of the most famous video game characters in the world.

In the second half of the '80s were released several versions of Super Mario for NES, but only one is able to be worth almost one hundred thousand euros. The price was set during an auction where a super rare version of Super Mario was sold for $100,150. What is so special about this version of Super Mario? It is a version that was distributed before the worldwide debut of the video game only to a selected number of beta testers. For this reason, the number of copies available is very limited and very few have been kept in acceptable condition. Most of them are unusable or do not have Nintendo's seal of quality anymore.

How to find out if your version of Super Mario is worth a hundred thousand euros

What is so special about the Super Mario cartridge sold for almost a hundred thousand euros? The seal. Compared to the versions released in the early 90s, this version of Super Mario has a small black Nintendo sticker present at the top of the box. As anticipated, this version of Super Mario was only distributed in a few tester countries and the number of copies is really limited.

The other peculiarity of the Super Mario cartridge sold at auction is the condition in which it has been kept all these years. Wata Games, an association of experts that evaluates the condition of collectible video games, has given the Super Mario cartridge a score of 9.4 out of a maximum of 10.

So, before you run to an auction house and put your Super Mario up for sale, carefully check the condition of your video game and if the black seal is present. If you are lucky enough to have this cartridge, you could earn several thousand.