Melita and Open Fiber for an uncompromising connection


New solutions for using the Internet connection to perform different tasks at the same time

Internet users are becoming increasingly demanding and the need for access to a high-speed connection is becoming more and more unavoidable.

High speed means high bandwidth to be able to transfer increasingly large amounts of data in an increasingly short time.

Internet connectivity is no longer just for sending email, accessing social networks or visiting websites, but also for connecting to Internet TV and accessing a universe of new services, among which home automation is playing an increasingly important role.

Smart appliances can be remotely switched on and off via the network and can help us perform household tasks efficiently, saving us valuable time and money. The refrigerator can tell us when a product is out of stock and needs to be reordered, the vacuum cleaner can automatically activate and clean our apartment, and the oven can remotely start up at a set time.

This is the Internet of Things that will revolutionize our home lives in the coming years.

All of these new applications require high-speed broadband connections that are increasingly helping to establish fiber-based technology at the expense of ADSL.

Internet Providers offering a very high quality connection include Melita, an operator that has been successfully operating for several years in Malta, where it is now the market leader, and then expanding its activities to other European countries, including Italy where it uses the OpenFiber fiber optic network, capable of reaching 1 Gigabit/s download speed and 300 Mbit/s upload speed.

Melita's offer has among its strengths to offer, included in the price, the SuperPod Plume that uses Artificial Intelligence to offer a complete solution for the Smart Home.

Adaptive WiFi™, HomePass®  and AI Security technologies help ensure seamless signal transmission throughout the home and control of all network parameters from your Smartphone or Tablet, using the Plume app.

This way the whole family can use the Internet connection for multiple activities at the same time: watching a series on Netflix, streaming music, using smart appliances, playing network games and surfing the web.

On Melita Italia's website you will also find a special section where you can check if your home has already been reached by the OpenFiber network by simply entering your address.

Melita also stands out for offering a call center service based on physical operators who can be reached immediately, without having to go through automated responders with an endless series of choices to make and long waiting times. In a short time customers can speak with an operator in Italian language who will be able to quickly solve any possible problem.