Microsoft is the best tech company of 2021, the worst will amaze you

Yahoo Finance has compiled the ranking of the best and worst tech companies of 2021: the best is Microsoft, the worst is also the most talked about

This year too, it's time for report cards for the Tech companies of 2021 and Yahoo Finance has taken care of it based on market performance and results achieved during the year. On the flip side, the poll allows users to vote on which was the worst tech company of 2021.

The best Tech company of 2021 was Microsoft, which reached a capitalization of as much as $2 trillion, after its stock price increased 53% since the beginning of the year. On who got the first place among the worst, the 1,541 users who expressed their preference have no doubt: it's Meta, i.e. Facebook. To make the task easier for the interviewees there were some events that involved the company in question, which has certainly not done its best to receive the appreciation of customers. What's really incredible is the 50% more votes than the second place, that is the Chinese giant Alibaba.

What's the worst Tech company of 2021

The recent name change to Meta, with attached ambitious plans for the future, didn't allow Facebook to avoid the last position of the Yahoo Finance survey. On the contrary, the name change could be just a consequence of the unedifying results. The reasons expressed by the users are the most disparate, but the result is rather unequivocal.

To complicate everything, it was probably the intervention of the antitrust that has questioned the policies of Zuckerberg's company in terms of security. Quite serious, moreover, are the accusations concerning the spread of misinformation about the Covid-19 pandemic and censorship, especially towards the conservative right in the United States.

Another sore point concerns the lack of control of content on Instagram that could have a negative impact on minors. In particular, some internal documents revealed by the now famous moleĀ Frances Haugen, showed that it would have a very negative impact on girls regarding body image.

Meta Platforms has not yet wanted to comment on this.

How can Facebook pick itself up

To put this negative result behind it, Zuckerberg could take responsibility and make a massive investment that would allow to solve once and for all the issues that have challenged his social platform.

So far, the decision to change the name to Meta does not seem to have reversed the course, although Facebook continues to be the first social network by number of active users worldwide and it seems very difficult that this will change in a short time.

It cannot be excluded that the spread of the Metaverse Horizon Worlds, currently active only in the United States and Canada, may have a positive return for the reputation of the American company. At least that's what Mark Zuckerberg hopes.