Milan Design Week 2017, the technological installations

From April 4 to 9, Milan will host Design Week. Among the various installations of the Fuorisalone there are also those dedicated to technology

From April 4 to 9 Milan will once again be at the center of Italian news. Also this year the appointment with the Design Week is renewed, an event that now attracts tourists and industry experts from all over Europe. And for the 2017 edition there are more than 1000 events scheduled.

The city will be divided into eleven districts (two new entries compared to last year's edition) that will offer the public exhibitions, conferences and thematic exhibitions. The most important appointments will certainly be the Salone del Mobile and Fuorisalone, but there will also be technological events. By now the binomial technology-design has become of fundamental importance for any hi-tech company. The Milanese appointment is a chance to discover how the world of design will evolve in the coming years. From Transformers sculptures to glass that changes color, here are all the technological installations not to be missed at Milan Design Week 2017.

Transformers come

The stars of the Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology will be giant Transformers-like creatures. The work is created by a Montenegrin artist who used recycled materials to build the "robots", hoping to spark a focus on the theme of recycling.

Galaxy S8

Samsung has decided to combine the useful with the enjoyable and has prepared an installation dedicated to its latest top of the range: the Galaxy S8. Thanks to the collaboration with the Zaha Hadid Architects studio, an installation will be set up that will show the indissoluble link between technology and art.

The Algorithm of Clothes

When we talk about design, we can't not talk about fashion. After all, Milan is the Italian capital of fashion. For the occasion, an algorithm developed by the University of Keio will be presented that analyzes users' clothes and suggests which color to match. The "Design Beyond Awareness" project showcases the potential of artificial intelligence and how it can change and improve everyday life.

Pet 2.0

How do we interact with robots? You will be able to understand it at the Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology thanks to the Pet 2.0 robot, which changes colors and sounds depending on the person in front of it.

The spider-robot

At the Logotel company spaces, it will be possible to see the spider-robots of Russian designer Maria Yablonina, an installation over ten meters high that shows how spiders build their own web.

The LG anniversary

LG turns seventy and for the occasion has organized an exhibition dedicated to lights hosted within one of the districts of the Milan Design Week 2017. The installation was created in collaboration with Japanese designer Yoshioka.

Audi protagonist

The German company will also be the protagonist of Milan Design Week 2017, but not with one of its cars. Audi has sponsored several installations around the city: at the Audi City Lab there will be a sound installation, which, thanks to a special algorithm, will process noises from nearby places to create an uninterrupted sound. While the lighting of the Audi City Labs porch will be entrusted to the German light designer Ingo Maurer.

Reactive Glass

The glass reactive to people's touch comes directly from Japan and will be one of the protagonists of Milan Design Week 2017. The product is made by the Japanese company AGC Asahi Glass, while the different products were conceived by designer Jin Kuramoto. The installation of the Japanese company will offer users a sensory experience never experienced before, thanks mainly to the particular glass used.