Apple Watch 7 will have an all-new design

Apple is working in great secrecy on Watch Series 7, and if little is known about the features, the new design may have already been unveiled.

The birth of a new Apple product usually brings with it a long series of rumors that try to anticipate what's new. It doesn't matter if it's an iPhone, a Mac or an iPad: if it has the apple on it, it's talked about for a long time. Today's rumors do not concern any of the three products mentioned but one that fits on the wrist.

Apple Watch of course, which since 2015 has emerged as the smartwatch of reference for both customers and industry, which has often drawn inspiration from the smart wristwatch made in Cupertino. Apple Watch Series 6 was made official in September 2020, and around the same time this year its successor, the Apple Watch Series 7, is expected. If you overlook a few small details, the current design is still that of the first generation: Apple has preferred to adopt a different philosophy from that of other products, choosing a middle ground between the frequent maquillage of consumer technology and the almost eternal lines of the wrist timepieces.

The restyling of Apple Watch Series 7

According to the information of John Prosser, insider always well informed in the field of technology, Apple would be ready to revise the design of its smartwatch. Not a twist, mind you, just a renewal, for some necessary and perhaps even belated, which will make the lines of Apple Watch Series 7 consistent with other products in the range.

The informant says he is sure that the watch will say goodbye to the beveled case for one with sharp edges, in accordance with the changes that for example differentiate the iPhone 12 from the previous generation. In addition, the renderings accompanying the rumor of Prosser show the color scheme that should debut with Apple Watch Series 7, a greenish very similar if not identical to that which debuted on the iPhone 12 and iPad Air, also recently updated to the stylistic course that wants a frame with a sharp profile and not "bulging" as in the past.

The features of Apple Watch Series 7

On the possible technical characteristics of Apple Watch Series 7 little is still known. It seems fairly obvious that the next wristwatch from Apple will maintain a 1.57-inch diagonal display on the model with a 40mm case and 1.78 inches on the largest 44 mm, while also maintaining the curvature on the edges. Nothing is known instead about the chip, which however should be renewed as per tradition. No doubt that it will be powered by the SoC Apple S7, on which no information has yet arrived.

In terms of software features insiders believe that on Apple Watch Series 7 may debut the measurement of blood glucose. No official statement on the matter, only rumors started by Rockley Photonics, a company based in the United Kingdom that has developed a system that through infrared can get information from the blood.

So you can not only get information on heart rate and oxygenation, but also on blood sugar and even the blood alcohol level. Some rumors say that Apple is testing this system in a facility near San Francisco.