MySpace has deleted photos, videos and songs uploaded by users

A technical error has wiped out 12 years of content from millions of users. Here's what happened and what you can do about it

Twelve years of history wiped out in a matter of tenths of a second. With a message on its homepage, MySpace warns all users that, due to a technical error, it has deleted most of the multimedia content in their profiles. To be precise, it is more than 50 million files of all kinds, from photos to videos, through mp3s and other music content.

According to what is reported in the press note of MySpace, the cancellation of content would occur during a migration from the old to the new hosting service. In short, the first "mainstream" social network was changing server and, in this process, all the multimedia files (audio, video and photos) uploaded more than three years ago could have been irretrievably lost. According to some calculations, it could be 50 million audio tracks of 14 million artists from all over the world. In short, a cataclysm or almost.

MySpace deletes videos and photos, what to do

In the post published by the U.S. social network nothing else is specified. It can be guessed, therefore, that at the moment there is no way to recover the files lost during the server change. Neither by the service provider itself, nor by the users. And, even if it's not the most used social platform of our days, MySpace boasts a glorious past: in 2006 it was the most visited site in the United States, undermining from the first place nothing less than Google.

In short, more than a few users around the world could still have inside their MySpace profile some photos, videos or mp3 audios of particular emotional value, that now could be lost forever. The only way to verify this is to log into the account and check if everything is okay. If not, all that's left is to make your peace with it.