Netflix introduces new features for parental control

Netflix adds new features to parental control and protect their children from content considered unsuitable for their age. How to activate them

Netflix managers are starting to suffer from competition from Disney+ and its family-friendly catalog and, therefore, are trying to respond with two moves: increasing content for children and allowing parents more control over the content accessible to their children.

Among the latest content for younger children there is definitely the Spanish animated film "Klaus - The Secrets of Christmas", or the cartoon TV series "The Little Big Bheem", as well as the latest episodes of the series Carmen Sandiego. Among the content control measures, on the other hand, the possibility of setting a PIN to block children from watching certain films or TV series has just been introduced. Also arriving is the ability to hide individual content or all content with a certain rating.

Netflix: how to set the new parental filter

The first thing to do to prevent children from accessing inappropriate content on Netflix is to set a 4-digit PIN to block and unlock certain movies, cartoons or episodes of TV series. The PIN is applied at the individual profile level. Then there are the content filters, which are based on the official "ratings" of the individual countries where Netflix is active. So the same content might have two different ratings in two different countries. You can filter content by rating or by title: blocked content will not be shown in the protected children's profile, managed by parents. Each of these profiles, then, can be managed directly from the Profiles and Parental Control tab of our Netflix account.

Netflix: what changes from before

Many will have noticed that, to tell the truth, a form of Parental Control was also present before on Neflix. But the novelty lies in the fact that, now, you can set a specific parental control for each profile while before it was only possible to do it at the account level (so for all profiles at the same time). Parental control over Netflix content, that is, becomes much more detailed: now we'll be able to allow a child to watch certain content and, at the same time, ban that content to another child.