Netflix restricts TV series downloads

Having exceeded a maximum threshold, the platform blocks the download of new episodes. Why? It's because of agreements with production studios

Netflix has been introducing for a few months now the long-awaited feature that allows you to download content on the streaming platform and watch it conveniently offline, without the need to use an internet connection. The download, however, is not completely free.

The service is particularly useful because, in addition to allowing you to save data traffic (as we know a movie in HD is able to drain much of the internet plan), offers the possibility to access the titles even in the presence of connections not particularly fast. All you have to do is download an episode of the TV series you're watching, or a film or documentary, onto your device and then access the platform to watch it. That's it. The feature, however, has limits, which impose users a maximum threshold of content for which you can download.

Why the download is not unlimited

The fault is not really Netflix. The titles on the streaming platform belong - except for Netflix original content - to the production studios. In order to use them, Netflix must sign agreements with the majors, and some of those licenses may include a cap on the number of titles that can be downloaded. If the limit is exceeded, the platform blocks the download of a new episode of the same TV series. The threshold cannot be circumvented by using another profile or by trying to download the content from a secondary device. The only way to download new titles is to delete one of the saved episodes.