New Iliad offer: 50 gigabytes at €7.99

The low-cost French mobile phone company has unveiled its third tariff since it landed in Italy, here's what it includes and how to activate it

With 1.5 million SIM cards sold in less than four months of life, Ilaid has immediately become one of the most important players in the mobile market in Italy. Merit, without a shadow of a doubt, to a well-orchestrated marketing campaign and very competitive commercial rates.

The launch offer, reserved for the first million users, provided 30 gigabytes of data traffic at 5.99 euros, while the second Iliad rate added another 10 gigabytes with an extra cost of just 1 euro (so 6.99 euros in total). In today's morning, Ilaid presented its third offer: following the line of the other offers, the new Iliad tariff plan includes 50 gigabytes of data traffic, unlimited calls and messages for 7.99 euros per month. As per tradition for the French low-cost phone operator, the offer can only be activated for the first 500,000 subscribers from the moment of the launch of the tariff.

How the new Iliad offer works

Included in the 7.99 euros are all the additional services such as voicemail, mi richiammi service and the like. In addition, the already mentioned unlimited minutes to fixed and mobile in Italy and international fixed and mobile in over 60 destinations, fixed in Europe and fixed and mobile in the U.S. and Canada. SMS are also unlimited. The data threshold, as mentioned, is 50 gigabytes with 4G/4G+ connection. In roaming in Europe we have instead 4GB of data traffic with unlimited minutes and SMS.

How to activate Iliad offer

The offer can be activated both on the official Iliad website, in physical stores or SIMboxes scattered throughout the Italian territory. You can either activate a new SIM or make number portability from another operator and the cost of activating the card is 9.99 euros to be paid once.