On the Waze navigator Master Chief arrives

Waze is not new to nice initiatives like this one, that in these days brings the beloved Halo series inside the navigation experience

It's official the collaboration between Waze, Xbox and 343 Industries, the latter software house that developed the legendary Halo series. The partnership between the three companies will bring to all drivers who want the beloved Halo experience within the "social" navigator Waze, which for its characteristics is one of the most used software by those who want to orient themselves in the city and outside with the help of the large community.

Motorists who are passionate about technology are certainly familiar with Waze, a free navigation app for iOS and Android devices that was launched in 2010. Over the years, it has managed to stand out in the sector thanks mainly to one feature: updates on traffic or other events that happen on the roads - such as accidents, speed cameras or detours due to work in progress - are reported in real time by the same community that uses the service. In this way we help each other, the costs for maintaining the service are drastically reduced and Waze manages to be free but at the same time efficient for everyone.

What is Halo on Waze

With the official initiative between Waze and the creators of Halo, the public of the navigation app is catapulted 500 years into the future, taking part in the epic battle for the fate of the galaxy.

Users can choose to join the UNSC, the United Nations Space Command, and the legendary Master Chief, the hero who dismantled the Covenant, turned the tide against the Flood and fought the Bunished, to help humanity fight every obstacle, whether it be an interstellar alliance or rush-hour traffic.

Sympathetic that among the selectable movement icons on Waze is, thanks to the partnership, a tactical ground vehicle like the Warthog. Or even the leader of the Banished Escharum, the brutal warrior who will make himself available to guide the Ghost into uncharted territory so as to ensure victory at all costs, or alternatively a quick and safe arrival at the destination.

How to set up Halo on Waze

And if there's a good chance that Halo Infinite, the long-awaited new installment in the series for PC and Xbox, will arrive during the vacations, you can get behind the wheel with Waze and Halo for an undefined but limited period of time, the navigation company says.

To have Halo's Master Chief at the helm, you need to choose the Mood, the car, and - importantly - the language of the navigation voice from English, Spanish, French or Portuguese: Italian is therefore missing, so passionate Italian drivers will have to fall back on one of the other available languages.

If you want to do everything through the navigation app, just open Waze, tap My Waze and a second tap on the Halo banner that will kick off an experience to be discovered for the limited time it will remain available.