OnePlus Watch: now there is the limited edition of Harry Potter

The Chinese smartphone and wearable manufacturer has created the perfect smartwatch for millions of fans of the Harry Potter saga: The Magic Awaits.

It had been in the air for a few days, now the news is official: OnePlus has created a smartwatch for fans of Harry Potter books and movies. This is a limited edition of OnePlus Watch, a good smartwatch that, in this version, has exclusive strap and dials inspired by the most famous wizard in the world, whose films have been seen by hundreds of millions of children, teens and adults at the cinema, streaming and TV.

It is no coincidence that this edition comes a few months after the twentieth anniversary of the first Harry Potter movie. Although technically identical to the OnePlus Watch, the watch inspired by the Harry Potter saga is definitely original and true to the style of the wizard's films. It has different colors and, above all, watch faces, icons and animations never seen before. For the rest, however, the Harry Potter smartwatch offers the same technical features as the OnePlus Watch base model, which are not bad at all, also because it is a recent smartwatch, which arrived on the market in April 2021. Here are the peculiarities of this smartwatch.

OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Limited Edition

The limited edition OnePlus Watch, when you look at it from a distance, doesn't even look like a watch inspired by a fantasy series: it's understated and elegant, with its dark brown vegan leather strap and steel case, but in copper color. You only have to look closely at the strap, however, to see the Hogwarts logo imprinted in the leather.

When you turn on the screen, however, the Potterian inspiration is evident: there are several specific dials available, four of which are dedicated to the houses of Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. On the multifunction button, however, is imprinted the thunderbolt of Harry Potter.

In short: it is a Harry Potter Watch to all intents and purposes, which will make fans happy.

OnePlus Watch Harry Potter: how much does it cost

The limited edition of the OnePlus smartwatch dedicated to Harry Potter fans has been announced, at the moment, only for the Indian market where it costs 16,990 rupees, which at current exchange rates are about 195 euros. It's a price a bit higher, but not by much, than the standard watch, also available in Italy at a price of 159 euros.

There is no official news, at the moment, about an arrival of this limited edition outside the Indian market. In theory, however, there shouldn't be much doubt about it considering the huge amount of Harry Potter fans around the world who would be willing to pay far more to buy it.