SkyGo, picture-in-picture mode arrives on Android

The Android version of Sky Go introduces a new display mode, which will allow you to continue watching broadcasts even when using other apps

No more interruptions while watching soccer matches, episodes of TV series and movies: now the Sky Go app finally features the "Picture-in-Picture" (PiP) function. The new feature has arrived on version 15.1.2 of the app for Android and, most likely, will soon arrive for the iOS app.

As the name suggests, the Picture-in-Picture feature allows you to continue watching a video while watching something else. That is, even if, perhaps to read a message on WhatsApp, we have momentarily closed the Sky Go app. The Picture-in-Picture is already available on many other apps, including the just mentioned WhatsApp, and is much appreciated by users because it is extremely convenient: it is no longer necessary to stop watching a video to devote himself momentarily to another activity on the smartphone. And since the highlight of the Sky Go offering is live sports content, it's clear why users of the app have been waiting so long for the arrival of Picture-in-Picture.

Sky Go: how to activate PiP

PiP mode is available from version 15.1.2 of the Sky Go app for Android (but only works on devices running Android 8.0 Oreo or higher) and is automatic: if the app is up to date you don't have to do anything to activate it, when you switch from the Sky Go app to another app the video content you were watching is moved to a small window located at the bottom of the device's screen. You can then move the window around as you like, and double-tap on the window to return to full screen.

Sky Go: how to update the app

To get PiP mode, simply update the Sky Go Android app to the latest version available. If you have automatic updates enabled on your device, chances are you won't need to do anything. Otherwise, just open the Play Store app and check if there are any updates available for the installed apps. Finally, Sky Q Platinum customers who are still using the old app called "Sky Go for Sky Q customers" (no longer supported or updated by Sky) will need to uninstall it and proceed to install the new Sky Go app, which can then be synced with Sky Q at a later date.