Skype, how to change the background of the video call

Skype updates and introduces the ability to change the background of video calls, setting a custom image. Here's how to do it

Skype runs for cover and after being "threatened" by Zoom tries to make up for lost ground. The videoconferencing service has always experienced ups and downs since it was acquired by Microsoft and with the explosion of Covid-19 and the obligation of smart wokring for millions of people, it has proved to be a bit behind in terms of functionality. For this reason, in recent weeks it has released a series of new tools, including the ability to change the background of the video call.

The success achieved by services such as Zoom, Jitsi and Houseparty have convinced the developers of Skype to roll up their sleeves and update the program. Thus came Skype Meet, which allows you to make video calls up to 50 people without having to be subscribed to Skype, and now the ability to change the background to the video call, a feature already present on Zoom. Here's how it works and how to use it on your PC.

Skype: the new update

Microsoft has launched a new update dedicated to both the web and desktop versions of Skype. The new update introduces many new features including a new ability to customize the wallpaper, "borrowed" just from Zoom. The latest update includes the ability to set a custom background to use during your calls.

To change the background of the call on Skype you need to update the app to the latest version available for Windows, Mac and Linux. At this point you have to go to "Settings", select "Audio" and finally click on "Video". Here you will be able to choose the "Choose background effect" option and add a new image to customize the background of the video call. Unfortunately, the new feature still hasn't been released for the Skype app on Windows 10.

Skype: what else is new

Not only wallpapers. Microsoft has introduced a number of new features with the latest Skype update. Now you can finally share files with Mac products as well, you can access call controls more quickly by interacting in the chat menu, and finally, a number of bugs and errors have been fixed, as well as several stability improvements.