Son sues mom: she seized his phone

The teenager went to a judge to challenge the parent's decision to commandeer his device. The crime committed by the mother: "maltreatment"

You have not studied, well. From today and for one week you won't watch television anymore. How many times have we heard a sentence like this from our parents? Many. However, times change, and also the punishments inflicted by mom and dad to children who are not inclined to take the spelling book in hand. One of the main, and most painful, punishments is to take away from their children the dear and precious smartphone. Too important today and without which young people, and even less young people, would not be able to live. No text messages, no exchange of pictures and messages with friends on WhatsApp and no posts on Facebook, at least for a certain period of time. A drama for many teenagers that generally pushes the children to beg their parents, with cries and theatrics worthy of the best theatrical tragedies. In Spain, however, a son thought to challenge the decision of his mother to requisition his cell phone, in an unusual way: by resorting to the court.

An incredible story

This is the story, as reported by some Iberian media. The mother of a 15-year-old boy from Almeria, a city located in Andalusia, seeing her son's lack of dedication to his studies, decided to "confiscate" his smartphone. The lady hoped that the move would lead the boy to apply himself more. The teenager, however, did not take it well and instead of opening a book chose to sue the parent. And that's not all. Because he also asked the judges to send the woman behind bars for at least 9 months and to order her to pay the legal fees. What would this mom have done to deserve such a harsh sentence? According to the son, the woman would have mistreated him.

Rejected the appeal of the young man

How did it turn out? The judge has rejected the appeal, giving reason to a parent who, worried about the school performance of his son, had done what many mothers, rightly, do: deprive the boy of the smartphone. This case demonstrates once again the effects of smartphones in our lives. And one of these is called addiction. Addiction that in some cases can lead children even to take their parents to court.