Tim Burton is working on his first TV series: here are the details

The famous American director and screenwriter will direct a new TV series centered on Wednesday Addams, Netflix announced on Twitter.

Tim Burton is among the most iconic directors and screenwriters of our time: he has made some of the most successful films of the last two decades. From Edward Scissorhands to Alice in Wonderland, The Chocolate Factory to the recent film on Dumbo: all have his unmistakable signature.

Tim Burton had never approached the world of TV series, at least until now. Netflix has announced the arrival of a new show directed by the famous director. Once again, Burton decides to rework a well-known character. This time it is Wednesday, the little girl of the Addams family. The title is indeed "Wednesday" and it has been confirmed by the streaming platform through its Twitter account. Within the post, there are also some details related to the plot. There will be no shortage of dark tones but also that touch of magic and supernatural that has always characterized the work of the director. The role of showrunner and screenwriters has been entrusted to Al Gough and Miles Millar, who have already worked on the creation of the TV series Smallville.

Tim Burton's TV series Wednesday: the announcement of Netflix

The heads of the streaming platform have no doubts: the director will do a great job and bring on the small screen a strong and multifaceted character. Teddy Biaselli, director of the Netflix Original Series division commented on the decision to give Burton the job:

"He has a track record of telling empowerment stories centered on social outcasts. Now he will bring his unique vision to Wednesday and his scary classmates. Also, we were blown away when we heard Al Gough and Miles Millar's idea for the series. It was love at first sight, like receiving an arrow through the heart."

The two screenwriters, who previously worked together on Smallville, found the right tones to tell the story of an off-screen character.

Netflix will have exclusive rights to distribution, while MGM/United Artist will handle production. The first season of Wednesday will have eight episodes.

Tim Burton's Wednesday plot

In the tweet posted by Netflix, in addition to the official poster, some plot details are revealed: "Tim Burton brings Wednesday Addams to Netflix with a live action training! Burton will debut a TV series filled with mystery and a touch of the supernatural, focusing on Wednesday's life at Nevermore Academy." According to many, it will be a sort of Harry Potter with darker tones.

So Wednesday will not be a child, but a young student struggling with her own teenage problems, but not only that. She attends a peculiar school, where there is no shortage of magic. The heroine will also be engaged in solving a mystery that concerned her parents 25 years earlier.

For now, neither the date of arrival on the platform, nor other details such as the cast are known. All that remains is to wait and in the meantime relate to the many Tim Burton films already on Netflix such as The Corpse Bride, The Chocolate Factory and Big Fish.