Spotify launches a new subscription in Italy: how it works

Italy is among the nations chosen by Spotify for the new experience that directly affects podcasts on the platform: here's what's coming

It's among the most famous and used music streaming platforms in the world but, despite its status, Spotify never allows itself a moment's rest. Just in the last few hours, news has arrived of a new proposal that has all the credentials to revolutionize the experience of listeners as well as creators who use it to publish their podcasts: what is it?

Since its debut, Spotify has offered users two different types of access to the many audio contents in its immense library. From music to podcasts, the user has the opportunity to choose to listen to songs for free, through the targeted insertion of commercials, or enjoy the full functionality of the platform and avoid promotions through the payment of a monthly subscription. Although so far music and words, it must be said, have always traveled hand in hand, a new subscription completely dedicated to podcasts is ready to land on the application.

Spotify, how the new subscription works

This is not a total novelty, since the subscription to podcasts has already peeped at the beginning of 2021, but exclusively for users residing in the United States. Now, with the new route taken by the company, 33 countries will be added to the list, making it considerably longer.

In particular, the payment will allow access to special content, specially produced by podcasters for the most loyal and passionate fans. Among these are special exclusive episodes, interviews, in-depth analysis and much more at the discretion of the creators who have chosen the platform for their shows.