Squid Game 2 will be made: director’s confirmation

Director Hwang Dong-hyuk has reassured fans of the hit Netflix series: Squid Game 2 will be made and he's already thinking about the story

The Korean TV series Squid Game has won millions of fans around the world, becoming Netflix's record-breaking series. Everyone is now wondering if a second season will be made and the good news comes from director Hwang Dong-hyuk, who has confirmed the arrival of Squid Game 2.

It must be said that neither Dong-hyuk nor Netflix were hoping that the Korean series would become the most watched in the world by users of the streaming platform. An unexpected record, which has consecrated the years of work that the director has spent in the creation of this television series, waiting for a production to decide to believe in his project. Now that the success is confirmed, everyone is clamoring for a second season, which its creator seems to have clear in mind. Dong-hyuk in a previous interview had explained that he had already thought about how the plot would develop. Now on Twitter comes his confirmation that he is working on Squid Game 2.

Squid Game 2: director's confirmation

With a record 111 million viewers in the first 28 days streaming on Netflix, Squid Game has become a hit series. The millions of fans are now asking Netflix for a second season of the Korean series, which wasn't initially planned, and it looks like they're going to get their wish.

As reported by CBS and the AP Twitter page, during an event in Los Angeles the Korean director confirmed that he's working on Squid Game 2: "There will indeed be a second season. It's in my head right now. I'm currently in the planning process. I think it's too early to say when and how it will happen. But I promise that Gi-hun will come back. He will do something for the world."

Squid Game 2: what to expect

Fans can rest assured, they will be back to discover the new adventures of Squid Game, and most importantly they will be able to discover the fate of the protagonist Gi Hun, winner of the cruel game. The director had already explained in other interviews that he had spent 10 years developing ideas and themes for the TV series, so much so that his first script dates back to 2009.

Hwang had also said that in the past he had imagined Squid Game as a feature film and not as a TV series. In short, the Korean director and creator has clear ideas on how to move the story forward, which could see Gi Hun busy destroying the organization ready to start a new Squid Game, with unsuspecting participants unaware that they risk losing their lives and not just the prize at stake in the violent game.

Squid Game 2: When it arrives

At the moment, Netflix has not denied the director's words, nor confirmed them, so there is no official date for the start of filming and arrival on the streaming platform. Fans will still have to wait for new details on the arrival of Squid Game's second season, but they can rest assured that it will happen.