State of Play announced for August 6: coming new PS5 games

Sony announced for August 6, 2020 the State of Play, an event dedicated to the new PlayStation 5 in which will be shown the new games

The rumors of the previous days have been confirmed by Sony: Thursday, August 6 at 22:00 new appointment with State of Play, the series of presentation events dedicated to the PlayStation 5. The Japanese company has announced that the event will last a total of forty minutes and that the protagonists will once again be the video games. In theory, then, no news regarding the price and release date of the PS5.

Will be shown trailers and gameplay clips of new titles that will arrive in the coming weeks for PS4 and PlayStation VR and some indie titles or made by third parties for the PS5. There will be no space, however, for games made by PlayStation Studios. An event, therefore, less rich than that of June, but on which remains high attention of fans. The twist is always around the corner and as happened in the previous event, at the end there could be some big announcement. Like for example the price and the official launch date of the PlayStation 5.

State of Play August 6, 2020: what will be presented by Sony

Large space to video games to give a concrete answer to Microsoft, which in the event in July dedicated to new titles for the Xbox Series X has made all-in presenting many very interesting titles. Sony has also announced what it will present and probably the thing will not make users very happy. There doesn't seem to be much space for the PS5, with most of the time dedicated to new titles for the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation VR. A few gameplay clips and a few trailers of titles developed by third parties and independent software houses will be shown for the new console.

The big question mark remains the price and release date of the PlayStation 5. In previous weeks, rumors had surfaced that Sony was ready to make the big announcement at an event held for August 6. The event has been made official, now we'll see if the same will happen with the official price of the new Sony console.

When and how to follow the presentation of the PlayStation 5

Appointment with the State of Play for Thursday, August 6 at 22:00 Italian. To follow it live you can connect to Sony's Twitch profile or YouTube channel. We will also follow the event live with a live text on Libero Tecnologia.