The announcement of the new Fifa 20: Fifa Street mode is back

A few hours after the official presentation, EA Sports makes known a news that will make happy fans of its football simulator: Fifa Street is back

It will be presented Saturday, June 8, in Hollywood at 20 Italian hours, the latest chapter in the EA saga dedicated to soccer: Fifa 20. The official launch date of the title, however, is not yet known and there are many who speculate that September 27. For some time, in fact, Electronic Arts presents the new chapters of Fifa in September.

The wait for the twenty-sixth installment of this game is high, both because it will renew the now legendary derby with PES 2020 (although Konami still silent on the release date of his best-selling football) and because Fifa 20 will bring with it many new features expected by the most loyal players. News that concern both the gameplay and the possible game modes. It is assumed, in fact, a return of Fifa Street within Fifa 20. EA has also published the first official trailer of the game, but it remains a mystery who will be the cover man for this edition of Fifa.

How will the new Fifa Street

The original Fifa Street is a game that dates back a long time ago: Electronic Arts published it in early 2005 for PS2, Xbox and Nintendo GameCube. A reboot followed in 2012, running only on PS3 and Xbox 360. In both versions you played street soccer, with formations 4 against 4 or 5 against 5. The new version of Fifa Street, which should become a game mode within Fifa 20, will probably be only 5 vs 5 online.

Fifa 20: official trailer and unofficial cover

It was the same Electronic Arts, through its social profiles EA SPORTS Fifa, to spread the first official trailer of Fifa 20 from which, however, you can not guess anything apart from the date of June 8. At the same time, and not on official profiles, Twitter has begun to turn an image of the possible cover of this chapter. Cover that sees as the protagonist Neymar Jr. with the shirt of Paris Saint German. But with a big question mark, given the very recent allegations of rape made by a Brazilian woman who accuses the champion of abusing her in a hotel room in Paris in May. In the past EA had replaced another image man, Cristiano Ronaldo, since he was also accused of rape, so it is difficult for the software house to confirm Neymar as image man.

On which consoles Fifa 20 will be available

If Fifa 20 will actually be launched on September 27, then EA Access subscribers (which will also be available shortly on PS4, as well as Xbox), will be able to try it for free for 10 hours. It's pretty much a given that Fifa 20 will be playable on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. It's still unclear if, a few months after the official launch, Fifa 20 will also arrive on the new online gaming platform Google Stadia. Among the games already announced for Stadia from day 1 (which, we remind you, is scheduled for November) at the moment Fifa 20 is not there.