Electronic Arts servers down January 22, Fifa 19 does not work

Electronics Arts servers are down since 19:30 on January 22: problems all over the World. Users can not play Fifa 19 and Battlefield 4

Bad night for thousands of users:in addition to WhatsApp down, also Electronic Arts servers are not working and you can not play Fifa 19. There are many users who are reporting the disruption and that they can not play Fifa 19, Battlefield and can not even access Origin.

The first reports of malfunctions have arrived shortly after 19:30 and concern, in fact, all titles and all services related to the famous American developer. Online users are reporting the problems using the hashtag #fifadown and #battlefielddown and on Twitter there are already thousands of posts. Even on downdetector.com, a portal where users report problems with the operation of major online services, there are many messages from users seeking information on why Fifa does not work. Electronics Arts technicians are already working to understand the causes.

Why Fifa 19 and Fifa Ultimate Team are not working today

The major problems seem to concern mainly Battlefield 4, but the problems have also been reported forĀ Fifa 19 and especially Fifa Ultimate Team, the game mode that allows you to create the team of your dreams and challenge other players from around the world. Users report the inability to access the online servers and start playing.

The reports on the down of Electronic Arts servers come from all over the World, a sign that the problem is quite serious. For the moment, the American software house has not provided any information about the causes of the problems, but surely the technicians are working to solve it as soon as possible. We'll keep you updated.

Update 20:05. The problems seem to have subsided and users are returning to populate the game servers.