Electronic Arts servers not working today, what’s happening

Since 9:00 am on May 5, 2019 EA's servers are down and not allowing access to online games. Here's what's going on

Fifa won't start, Apex Legends won't work, and even Battlefield won't let you play online. What's going on? Quite simply, Electronic Arts servers are down. It is not a problem of your computer or your console, but as it often happens, the servers of the American company do not allow access to players.

The first reports arrived around 9:00 am on Sunday, May 5: players complain about the inability to connect to EA's game servers. If you try to enter the servers of the video games made by the U.S. company, you will be greeted by the following message: "The connection to the EA servers has been interrupted. Please log in again to enjoy the online features. If you try to log in again, the situation does not change. Electronic Arts has not yet released any official news, but most likely the cause of the disruption is a problem that has sent down the servers of Fifa 19, Apex Legends and many other video games. EA technicians are working to solve the situation and in the next few hours you will be able to play your favorite games online again.

Why Electronic Arts servers are down

We have no information about the causes that led to the down of Electronic Arts servers. It may happen that a temporary problem in the infrastructure knocks out the servers and does not allow online access to players. At the moment, all the games developed by the American publisher do not work: Fifa 19, Apex Legends, Battlefield.

On downdetector.it there are hundreds of reports of players who complain about the same problem: impossible to connect with EA servers. The first reports came in at 9:00am and it's been almost an hour since EA's servers went down. Technicians are definitely working to solve the problem as soon as possible and give players the chance to get back to enjoying their favorite titles.

Update 18:30

At 11:30 the servers were back up and running, but the joy for users was short-lived. At 6:30 p.m. Electronic Arts servers are down again. Users report that it is impossible to play Fifa 19, Anthem, Apex Legends and other titles of the U.S. company. Big problems for users trying to complete the Weekend League in Fifa Ultimate Team.