Electronic Arts down, Fifa 20 and Apex Legends doesn’t work today

Electronic Arts servers are down and you can't access Fifa 20 and Apex Legends online. Here's what's happening.

Still problems for Electronic Arts servers: Fifa 20, Apex Legends and other video games of the American publisher are not reachable online. It is not a problem of your consoles or your online accounts, but the Electronic Arts servers are down. For a couple of days now, the American software house has been plagued by several inefficiencies that are causing more than one problem to players.

The weekend is the favorite period for fans to enjoy their games, but since this morning at 8:00 am (March 1, 2020), Electronic Arts servers are not reachable. Those who try to access Fifa 20 or Apex Legends receive an error message. A problem especially for fans of Fifa 20 that during the weekend face the Weekend League to accumulate points and packages to improve their Fifa Ultimate Team team. Electronic Arts is already working to solve the problem and in the next few hours everything should be back to normal.

Why you can not play online Fifa 20 and Apex Legends

The servers of Electronic Arts are down and no game or online service of the U.S. software house is reachable. There are problems with Fifa 20, Apex Legends and also Origin, the online platform where you can buy Electronic Arts games. What's going on?

On downdetector.it, a site that collects comments from users when a service or an app doesn't work, there are hundreds of reports from users who complain about not being able to access their favorite games. A situation that has been going on for at least a couple of days now and that Electronic Arts is trying to resolve once and for all.

Fifa 20, Weekend League extended

Fifa 20 gamers can breathe a sigh of relief: the Fifa Ultimate League Weekend League has been extended until at least Monday to give all gamers the chance to complete it. A signal that to solve all the problems of Electronic Arts servers is still needed a little time. We will keep you updated.

Update at 17:30. It's been more than eight hours now that the problems with Electronic Arts' servers persist. Players have difficulty accessing games and completing Fifa matches. On Origin's Twitter account these two messages have been posted: "We're working to bring things back online." and "Seeing some recovery, but still some affected games and regions. Our teams are continuing to work on getting everything up and running for all of you, though!" We'll see if the situation improves in the coming hours.

Update 7pm. The situation is improving.