The app that reminds you that you have to die

The app WeCroak sends the user five messages a day on the subject of death to make them think about the importance of life

"To be happy you have to think about death five times a day". From this sentence Hansa Bergwall, a boy from New York who gave birth to WeCroak, what everyone has defined as "the app that reminds you that you have to die". WeCroak is the app of the moment and despite being a paid app (it costs $0.99) it's quickly climbing the charts of the most downloaded apps in the Google Play Store and the App Store.

But to what does WeCroak owe all this success? To the fact that it talks about death and reminds us that it's an appointment we can't put off. The app, however, does not invite people to end their lives. In fact, far from it. The goal is to make users think about the transience of life and how important it is to live every single moment to the fullest. For his application, Hansa Bergwall was inspired by a tradition of Bhutan (a small Asian nation) that invites people to think about death at least five times a day in order to become happy.

How WeCroak works

Five messages a day at regular intervals starting from the morning at seven until the evening at ten. All the messages have the same topic in common: death. This is what WeCroak does, the application "that reminds you that you have to die". The message is sent to the user via a notification on the smartphone: you open it and an aphorism from a philosopher or thinker on the subject of death will appear on the screen. As mentioned, the goal is not to encourage people to end it all, but to reflect on the importance of life. When you receive the message, you read it and stop for a few minutes to think about how beautiful your life is. The app can help with high stress and problems in daily life.