The Apple Watch strap made from the leather of a 1974 Alfa Romeo Spider

The catalog of accessories for the Apple Watch has been enriched by BandWerk's Milano strap, produced in only 139 pieces: it is made from very exclusive leather

Covers for iPhones, cases for AirPods, straps for Apple Watch: these are just some of the accessories created by BandWerk for owners of Apple products who are looking for something exclusive. Exclusive is certainly the limited edition Apple Watch strap made from the leather of the interior of a 1974 Alfa Spider coda tronca.

It is the Special Edition Milano strap, in honor of the origins of Alfa Romeo, the design headquarters of the Alfa Romeo Spider coda tronca and also of BandWerk, which divides its time between Germany and Italy to make its products. BandWerk's creations are highly appreciated by audiences around the world, and especially when limited series are announced, such as the Apple Watch Special Edition Milano strap, you can bet that the few units produced will sell out almost immediately. BandWerk has announced that production will be limited to 139 units, with sales kicking off on the official website on Sunday, July 11 at 8 p.m., and you can bet it will be almost a jackpot to secure one.

Special Edition Milano watchband, how it's made

The Special Edition Milano watchband is compatible with all materials of which the Apple Watch case is made, with all versions and all generations of Apple Watch, although for Series up to and including 3 it's best to send an email to BandWerk asking for a specific specimen for cases smaller than the current ones.

With the Special Edition Milano, BandWerk is using the interior of an Alfa Romeo for the first time. "Hardly any other vehicle can radiate the Italian charm of the Alfa Romeo Spider. But it's not surprising, after all, the nearly 50-year-old car not only has Milanese genes but comes from the pen of the famous Pininfarina design studio that is responsible for the design of several Ferraris," writes BandWerk.

"The beautiful, supple leather of the 1974 Spider's interior was ideal for producing a strap with a sporty character. The vintage-style contrasting red stitching is reminiscent of the traditional red paint on many Milanese cars," BandWerk concludes.

Special Edition Milano watchband, price and availability

The Special Edition Milano Apple Watch watchband is, as mentioned, limited edition to 139 pieces, all of which are numbered. The cost, probably, is not even excessive if you consider the limited edition of the strap, the craftsmanship and pedigree of the skins used: will need 154.95 euros, but also a good dose of luck for those who do not want to miss it Sunday at 20, at the opening of sales.