The best streaming platforms to watch movies and TV series

Nowadays, entertainment, information and sports are increasingly just a click away, to be watched where and when we want directly on our favorite devices. After all, the very concept of video on demand has made the enjoyment of programs, movies and TV series, an interactive experience, with users who can customize the schedule to their liking, completely overturning and innovating the concept of television. A real revolution we have seen with the advent of streaming platforms that have a rich offer for all tastes and all ages. But how to orient oneself in the variegated world of video on demand? Which platforms are best suited to our demands and which ones to choose? Here is a guide in the labyrinth of the best streaming platforms of today.

The revolution of streaming platforms

Since TV entered our homes, since about the middle of the last century, each generation has experienced the evolution of its entertainment offer, with programs that go hand in hand with the audience and the changes in society. Gone is the era of television products designed to serve as an interlude between commercials, and today, in fact, the small screen is increasingly avant-garde and ready to satisfy the most demanding viewers. Let's think of TV series that focus on the themes and trends of today's world, documentaries and films that are often already designed for television viewing. In fact, it is now TV that is shaped by viewers, no longer passive ones. How did all this happen?

From traditional TV, struggling with the antenna in places less covered by the signal, to cable and pay TV, or pay-per-view and, more recently, streaming video on demand. A great deal of credit goes to streaming platforms such as Netflix, which has paved the way for online viewing of movies and TV series, giving rise to the so-called binge watching. Hands up who, even if tired and with the thought of the alarm clock the next day, has never set aside sleep to enjoy the next episode of the series of the moment to see how it would end.

How to use a streaming service

If you have decided to be part of the new that advances and become part of the worldwide community that enjoys the various streaming services on demand, it is essential to have a fairly fast internet connection. All the programs of the various streaming platforms, and now we will list the best ones, can be transmitted on numerous devices such as: smart TVs, laptops, tablets or cell phones. To take advantage of the offer from catalog, you have to proceed with a subscription that can vary depending on the content to be seen, the number of users who can access the on-demand service and then there are the various offers, discounts and packages that depend on the various providers. But is all this technology difficult to use? Not at all! The use of a streaming platform is very intuitive and the access mode is designed to meet all ages, from the youngest to the oldest.

Sites and platforms to watch movies and TV series

Many of them we know by reputation, or because our geek friend told us about them, or because we saw the trailer of a super cool series broadcasted by... All over the world there are many streaming platforms, in Italy the best known are: the already mentioned Netflix, but also Prime Video, Disney+, Infinity, DAZN, Now TV, TIMVision, YouTube Premium, Chili, Apple TV+ and many others. Let's see them one by one to compare them by offer, price and their features, to understand which are the best for everyone.


Between the most popular streaming platforms, available in virtually every country in the world (except China, North Korea, Crimea and Syria), Netflix has been the forerunner of the video on demand offer. A real guarantee for lovers of seriality, with a constantly updated catalog and weekly releases always up to the mark. Impossible not to find movies or TV shows to watch, even for the most demanding palates. Netflix has set the trend with some of the most popular TV series of recent times, think of the fandom that followed The House of Paper, which was the most requested series in the world at the height of the pandemic, or the 80s revival relaunched with Stranger Things.

What is needed for Netflix? Certainly an internet connection, a suitable device and a monthly subscription. The price plans vary between the basic one of 7.99 euros, the standard one of 11.99 and the premium one of 15.99 depending on the devices to access. Netflix is the recommended platform for lovers of the fantastic world of TV series not only English-speaking, there are from all over the world, in fact! It is also the top for the large amount of original content produced by Netflix itself, for the spread of formats already present on other TV channels, which may have escaped most, and for the continuous "repechage" of real cult phenomena between movies and series.

Think of the great success of Friends reproposed for the youth of today that in the nineties, were not even born! In short, an excellent fusion between innovative products, niche and with a continuous revival of the great classics for everyone. Not to mention the continuous evolution of the platform that has recently launched a new feature for the App of smart TVs to navigate through the best content in the extensive catalog of movies and TV series.

Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video is the streaming platform of the giant Amazon to watch movies and TV series, which is included in the Prime subscription. There is an initial 30-day free trial period for the package, which includes discounts on deliveries of products purchased online from Amazon and access to on-demand movies and TV series, among other services. The Prime Video streaming platform can be used on any device via browser or the App, even in offline mode after downloading videos. There is an X-Ray feature with which you can trace everything related to actors, songs, trivia etc. on the movies and TV series section.

In contrast, to watch Amazon Prime Video on TV you can use a gaming console, smart TV, or a chromecast system by connecting the TV with your PC, smartphone or tablet. Alternatively, the connection between devices can be made via HDMI cable. In other countries, but at the moment there is no news for Italy, is already active the technological system Amazon Fire TV Stick, the first smart TV with the operating system Fire installed. Prime Video remains one of the platforms on the rise, with a more affordable price and one of the main competitors of Netflix, with respect to the offer of movies and quality TV series.


Disney+ (or DisneyPlus) is a streaming platform recently arrived in Italy, owned by The Walt Disney Company, which boasts a very rich distribution of its famous brands: Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic all together, for the first time. An incredible and varied offer that includes all the part dedicated to children and the great classics without age of Disney, Marvel superheroes, products by 21st Century FOX (including The Simpsons), documentaries and docuseries and much more, with a constantly updated catalog. The operation of Disney + is the same as the other platforms and can be used even seven different accounts. To be able to see the contents of Disney + even on smartphones in peace, here are some small instructions and a useful App not to be found unprepared.


Infinity is the streaming platform of Mediaset with a wide range of movies, TV series, documentaries and cartoons in a special section, to the delight of children. Here, too, you just need to subscribe, have an internet connection and be equipped with a compatible device. Infinity is the ideal platform for those who have a soft spot for Mediaset's programming but don't have the time to follow live shows, a great choice for movie lovers and a valid option to get the whole family on board.


Not only movies and TV series! Today's streaming platforms are increasingly specializing in a variety of content of all kinds. DAZN is the top platform for watching live and on-demand streaming sports, functioning similar to Netflix. DAZN qualifies as a real point of reference, along with Sky for soccer lovers with Serie A TIM, Serie BKT, the best of international soccer but also MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3 and many other sports competitions (boxing, football, volleyball, rugby, darts etc..

Now TV

This is the streaming service that allows you to access the schedule of Sky without having a decoder, a dish or a satellite subscription. Now TV is a platform designed to enjoy the rich offer of Sky and Fox channels, which includes cutting-edge and quality TV series (one of all, The Iron Throne, but also Sky Original productions such as Devils and Gomorrah), movies and previews a few months after the release of theaters, documentaries and of course sports, with various packages to choose from. Without forgetting all the other types of entertainment: from cooking programs to those of stand-up comedy, and then reality and talent shows. Excellent programming designed for children and adolescents, with various channels such as Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, DeAKids, BabyTV.


TIMVision is the TV on demand of TIM, with a varied offer designed for all that includes the subscription of a monthly with various options, along with a range of content to buy or rent. There is no shortage of films and TV series, some of which are co-produced, such as L'amica geniale and Skam Italia, designed for the increasingly technological teenage audience. Among the series broadcast on the TIMVision platform, we recall for the most refined palates, Mad Men and cult series such as Skins, Vikings, The Handmaid's Tale, Killing Eve. For the past few months, it has been possible to choose packages that also include the viewing of content from DAZN and Now TV, so you don't have to miss out on anything!


Another constantly growing and expanding platform, even outside Italy, is Chili, which confirms itself as a must for lovers of cinema and TV series, with thousands of titles available, including first releases to rent or buy digitally or on DVD and Blu-Ray. It is not, therefore, to subscribe, but you can choose the contents with a cost ranging from 50 cents to 16.99 euros. A service designed for those who want to range between genres, have a wide choice of video, but without the constraint of a subscription. For rental with Chili you have 28 days to start watching and 48 hours to end it.

Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is another among the recommended streaming platforms to watch quality TV series, movies, documentaries, children's programs and much more, in addition to all Apple Originals productions. Monthly or yearly subscriptions and an App Music student package are available. The viewing of Apple TV+ content can be enjoyed from all Apple devices, and for those who have purchased an Apple device from September 10 onwards, will have a year of Apple TV+ for free, here we explain how to do it. In any case, its content is also available with the Apple TV app so you can have access to the streaming platform, from smart TVs and AirPlay compatible TVs.

YouTube Premium

Not only the world's most famous video sharing platform! YouTube has thought of a paid Premium streaming service so you can have access to all YouTube video content and YouTube Music without the annoying interruptions of ads, offline, in the background and with various cutting-edge features. All with a monthly subscription also designed for families and students after a one-month free trial. An offer that allows access to rental and purchase of a really wide choice of movies with good audio quality and HD video divided into an infinite number of categories: comedies, horror, thrillers, action, cartoons etc. YouTube Premium can also be used on mobile devices, computers or TVs connected to the Internet.

Rakuten TV

From Japan, here comes Rakuten TV, an on-demand platform that includes a large collection of TV series (The Big Ben Theory, Scandal, Arrow, Breaking Bad, O.C., Gossip Girl to name a few) from today and yesterday, and films distributed by Warner Bros, Disney, Sony and 21st Century Fox. A platform conceived as the evolution of the Blockbuster chain but online with the options of renting and buying the chosen content by paying only for what you want to see, like with Chili.