The computer that is worth more than a million euros: what is

A rare example of Apple I produced in wood has been put up for sale on eBay. Price for purchase: 1.57 million euros

Of unique products and immense value is full of it the world. But in this case we are talking about an object that you can hardly buy anywhere else. And for this reason it has been put on sale for over 1.75 million dollars, at an exchange rate of just over 1.5 million euros. What are we talking about? A 1976 Apple I made with a wooden case and that 43 years later is still fully functional.

The computer was put up for sale on eBay by seller krishmiti, who hopes to become rich thanks to this collector's item. The Apple I is the first computer made by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak and at the time it was produced in 200 units. Of which only a few were made of wood. And this only increases the value of the computer offered for sale on eBay. The PC is connected to a monitor Sony TV-115 and as evidenced by the photos posted by the seller is fully functional.

Apple I for sale on eBay, the value exceeds one million euros

The Apple I is one of the most iconic computers of all time. And also one of the most sought after by collectors, being the first one produced and made by the couple that gave birth to Apple: Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. The PC was produced in 200 units and according to rumors only 80 are still in circulation. Of the 200 produced, only a few were made with a wooden case for the Byte Shop PC chain. Which makes the value of the computer offered for sale on eBay even greater.

The purchase price of the PC is $1.75 million. Or alternatively, you can make a purchase proposal to the seller, who will accept it if he thinks it is fair. A very high sum of money for a simple vintage computer, but it is not the first time that an Apple I is sold for such a sum. Already in the past years a very similar model reached a sale price close to one million euros.