The Handmaid’s Tale 4: when will it come out and first previews

The TV series based on the famous dystopian novel is coming to its fourth season. Here is the latest news related to the plot and the release date in Italy

The Handmaid's Tale, one of the most interesting TV series on TIMVision, is about to return with its fourth season. Brutal, gritty and very relevant to reality: these are definitely the key elements, able to keep the audience glued to the screen. Thanks to its success, quality and attention to detail, the TV series has earned numerous awards, including 9 Emmy Awards and 2 Golden Globes.

This interesting title is based on the dystopian novel The Handmaid's Tale, written in 1985 by Margaret Atwood. Although many years have passed since its publication, the themes it deals with are strong and current: it talks about a not very distant future in which most women, deprived of rights, have lost the ability to generate children, due to viruses and pollution. The few remaining fertile are the so-called "handmaids". Each of them is assigned to a wealthy family where her sole purpose is to join the master of the house to continue the dynasty. The series is perfect for those who are fans of novels such as 1984 and the like. What awaits us in the fourth season?

The Handmaid's Tale 4: plot synopsis

The third season of The Handmaid's Tale ends with a desperate attempt set up by the protagonist June Osborne (played by Elisabeth Moss) and renamed in the series as Difred, meaning "owned by Fred". She tries in vain to save 100 children from the torture of the dictatorship.

In the following season there will be many unresolved points: we will see what is the fate of Fred Waterford (Joseph Fiennes) and his wife Serena Joy (Yvonne Strahovski) who will be tried for war crimes. In the meantime, the Republic of Gilead is preparing to experience a real popular revolution and a coup d'├ętat, of which Difred is one of the main activists. Probably in the next season the woman will be more and more involved in the revolutionary mottos and will work to win freedom and find her daughter. In short, there are still many knots and the new episodes will help the audience to unravel them and maybe discover other details related to the plot.

When will The Handmaid's Tale 4

The release of the new episodes was scheduled for fall 2020 but the Covid-19 has upset the plans of the production that had to suddenly suspend filming. We definitely won't see the fourth season before 2021 although the exact release date is not yet known. Of course, the fate of the TV series is closely linked to the course of the contagions in the United States, the country where filming takes place and where most of the cast lives.

Elisabeth Moss in an interview had stated that filming was interrupted almost immediately because of the pandemic, despite this the writers are already at work: "We had started filming two weeks ago when they were filmed, so we didn't have much to shoot. Our screenwriters are actively working, obviously continuing to write each in their own homes, so yes, we're still active."

Among the leaked rumors ticks off the number of episodes, which will be ten in season four, a choice that will make the series' run more engaging and compelling, according to executive producer Bruce Miller. It is also rumored that the next episodes will not be the last: in short, The Handmaid's Tale will not stop at the fourth season, thanks to the incredible success achieved around the world. For the moment you can watch the first three seasons on TIM Vision, the TV on demand platform linked to the phone company.