The iPhone 8 Plus is the smartphone with the best camera in the world

According to tests carried out by DxOMark, a benchmarking platform, the photo sensors of the new device at the moment are unrivaled

A few days have passed since Apple unveiled its new top of the range devices, considered by many as some of the best smartphones ever launched. A judgment that is also confirmed by a recent analysis, according to which the iPhone 8 Plus is the cell phone with the best camera in the world.

To support this is DxOMark, a platform specializing in evaluating smartphone photo sensors. The iPhone 8 Plus, one of the three smartphones presented by Cupertino on September 12, is the one that recorded the highest score: 94 points. The second? The iPhone 8, which scored an impressive 92 points. The Apple phone snatches the record, always with regard to the photographic sector, Google Pixel and HTC U11, which in tests always made by DxOMark had stopped both at 90 points. The data does not take into account the iPhone X, not yet available, which will probably mark a new record.

The camera of the iPhone 8 Plus

The iPhone 8 Plus, as is now known, was launched with two rear 12-megapixel cameras.

The smartphone has obtained the highest score ever in terms of photo quality, reaching 96, 6 more than the Google Pixel.

Generally speaking, it is all the photo department to be improved. In particular, two elements of the iPhone 8 Plus camera stand out from the rest: zoom and bokeh effect.

With regards to the first factor, the zoom of the Apple device is better than the iPhone 7 Plus, getting 5 points more.

The zoom has been optimized both in terms of framing and details, which appear more defined.

The photographic sector has also improved with reference to the bokeh effect, which, unlike the iPhone 7 Plus, has recorded a score of 5 points higher.