The most anticipated PlayStation and XBox games for 2021: the previews

Many titles coming up among the 2021 video games, the first that will exploit the potential of the hardware of the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles

During the World Game Awards 2020, which saw The Last of Us Part II triumph with no less than six awards, the studios took advantage of the huge media exposure to present numerous titles coming up in 2021 for PlayStation 5 and 4, Xbox Series X and S and also for PC.

For gaming, 2021 will be a very special year, because it will be the time when we will begin to see the potential of the hardware of next-generation consoles, which, with the current titles developed for the previous generation, can not give the best today. At the same time, however, the titles we will see in 2021 will not yet represent the best that can be achieved with the chips of the new consoles. It will therefore be a year of transition, but we'll see some great things and the anticipation for 2021 video games is very high.

New 2021 games for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5

The arrival of Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X and S will be an important test bed for these two consoles. It is known, in fact, that this title is very heavy from the point of view of both graphics and general computation. But Microsoft has the opportunity to optimize it finely for its next-gen consoles, and then show everyone what the new Xbox can do.

Very much awaited, always on Xbox, is also Perfect Dark. Developed by The Initiative, that is, by the same Xbox Game Studios, this title will be a remake of the Rare game of the same name published in 2000 for Nintendo 64. Again, it will be interesting to see what the new hardware can do, at the moment only a few images have been released.

It will be only for PS5 and computer, however, Season. Featuring simple but impressive cartoon graphics, this game is an adventure told through the eyes of a young woman who explores the world for the first time and must collect memories and items before a cataclysm destroys the entire universe.

In 2021 Oddworld also returns with the new episode Soulstorm, released for PlayStation 5, 4 and PC. It shouldn't stray too far from what we've already seen with the previous chapters, but it will have an interesting new feature in the PS5 version: it will be fully compatible with all the new features of the DualSense controller, including adaptive triggers that will allow the player to "feel" the fatigue of the character they're playing.

It will come only on PlayStation 5, on March 19, Returnal by Housemarque. It will be a title dedicated to lovers of third-person shooters "turbo", with fast-paced action, and will have the feature that every time the character will die you will have to start playing on a new planet.

Another action, but in the American Far West and with a metal soundtrack with Evil West for PC, Xbox and PlayStation. You will be able to play in Solo or Cooperative mode and there will be bloodshed, explosions and spaltter scenes because the enemy to eliminate will be an army of vampires.

Warner Bros.Games and Turtle Rock will launch in 2021 the new first person shooter Back 4 Blood. You will be able to play with three other players online or with three allies managed by artificial intelligence. It will be available for all Sony and Microsoft consoles and also for PC.