The smart socket that changes the way you live your home

Smart sockets or smart plugs are entering our homes and changing the way we live them: how they work and how to choose the one that best suits your needs

Smart sockets are smart devices that allow you to turn on and off connected electronic devices at any time via app. The use of smart sockets, also known as smart plugs, promotes energy saving and safety, changing the way you live your home.

In recent years, with the spread of home automation and smart devices for the home, smart sockets are becoming more and more popular in the market and above all it is easier to find them in homes. On the other hand, using a smart socket is simple and convenient: just plug it into the wall socket, connect the electronic devices we want to be associated with it and then use the WiFi connection to control its operation thanks to dedicated apps. Here's how they work and which ones to choose.

How a smart socket works and what it's for

Smart plugs are sockets to be used in the home that can be connected to Wi-Fi and then controlled remotely via PC or app from tablets and smartphones. After connecting the smart plug to the wall outlets, you will simply need to download the dedicated app to turn on and off the devices that are attached to it.

This technology has a huge potential, because it acts as a switch of electronic devices that can be activated from any distance and at any time, which also allows you to schedule the turning on of one device rather than another. For example, connecting a smart TV to the smart outlet will allow you to turn it on or off while you're in the other room. Or, connect your coffee machine to the socket, so you can program it to turn on at the same time as your alarm clock and get out of bed with the smell of coffee already in the kitchen.

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How to choose a smart socket

You can connect any type of electronic device to a Wi-Fi smart plug: from the washing machine and the oven to the TV and the lamps in the house. For this reason, when choosing a smart plug, you need to take into account the maximum power it can deliver, because appliances such as refrigerators or stoves may need more power, and therefore also have a higher price.

Another factor to take into account is the features of the app used to use it, such as whether it can be programmed to turn on and off. Generalmente, infatti, tutte le prese sono Wi-Fi e bisogna valutarne la portata, ad esempio se si vuole installare la presa in giardino per poter avviare l’impianto di irrigazione.

Acquista ora la presa smart programmabile di Amazon

Si potrà poi optare per una multipresa o ciabatta smart, a seconda di quanti elettrodomestici e dispositivi si vuole collegare nello stesso punto della casa. Infine, andrà valutata la compatibilità con i dispositivi elettronici che sono in casa, perché potrebbe essere necessario scegliere prese smart dello stesso brand per un migliore controllo della domotica. Ultimo fattore da considerare prima dell’acquisto, è la compatibilità con gli assistenti vocali come Alexa di Amazon o l’assistente vocale di Google.

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