Tregren, the home vegetable garden without soil that you control with the app

Tregren are a series of smart pots equipped with light that combine some special nutrients with water to speed up the growth process

For a few years now there are many people who try, especially in the city, to create a small vegetable garden at home. Sometimes, however, the results are not as expected. Growing plants in the home, in fact, is not like doing it in the countryside in the open air.

A Finnish startup has had a brilliant idea that perhaps can solve this problem once and for all. Tregren, already the name of the small Scandinavian company says it all, has invented a set of smart devices, which resemble small pots, able to facilitate the growth of plants. The T-series, as the hi-tech gardening tools are called, promise to turn everyone into an expert gardener. The main feature of Tregren's pots is what the startup calls Active Growing Technology, which is a system that uses a mix of water and minerals instead of regular potting soil to promote plant growth.

How the smart pots work

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An important role is played by the light placed on top of the pot, which along with the organic compound, called hydroponic growing, speeds up the development of the planted shrub by three times. The progress of the chosen plant can be monitored directly from the smartphone through the special application made available by the Scandinavian company for both Android and Apple users. Moreover, through the software, the experienced farmers can set a specific growth path for each plant. The app not only controls light, but also advises when to add more water or a new nutrient.

The smart pot series includes three, the only differences lie in size. In the T3 you can grow 3 plants at once, in the T6 the maximum shrubs are precisely 6, while in the T12, as you can easily guess, you can put 12 plants. Each of the three pots has three colors: white, black and gray.

Launch date and price

To finance the project, Tregren has launched a campaign on Kickstarter, one of the main crowdfunding platforms. The pots are expected to hit the market starting in October 2017. They can currently be ordered on Kickstarter for €62 for the smallest pot, €77 for the intermediate pot, and €90 for the T12.

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