Tempow, the app that makes home Bluetooth speakers smart

Playing the same song on two or more Bluetooth speakers won't be a problem: Tempow replaces Android device drivers and puts everyone in agreement

Bluetooth speakers have become quite common among those looking for an inexpensive gift idea for friends and acquaintances. Small in size and very versatile, they sync easily with your smartphone and allow you to listen to your favorite music almost anywhere, whether you're indoors (at home, for example) or outdoors.

Some problems may arise if you have two or more Bluetooth speakers: unless they have some special firmware, you won't be able to use them simultaneously to play the same music track. The French startup Tempow is trying to get the Bluetooth speakers at home to agree. Thanks to the app of the same name, it promises to be able to synchronize two wireless speakers to the same mobile device and make the same song play in all rooms of the house and not just in the bedroom or living room.

How Tempow works and how to play music on multiple Bluetooth speakers

In the process of being defined for Android smartphones and tablets only, Tempow's drivers will overwrite the ones already on your device, so you can play on multiple speakers. Thanks to the app, users will be able to choose which speakers to sync and which not, so they can play music in one room of their home rather than another. In addition, from the user interface it will be possible to create a "pair" of wireless speakers, so as to play music in stereo and select which one will be the right speaker and which the left one.

Once the development of the drivers is complete, Tempow's programmers assure, their solution will be compatible with the vast majority of Bluetooth chips in circulation and will, consequently, allow music to be played on all (or almost all) available Bluetooth speakers.