Twitter will allow tweets to be shared on Snapchat and Instagram

Twitter officially lands on the other platforms and starts crossposting for Instagram and Snapchat: tweets will be shareable in the Stories of the other social networks

Twitter breaks the barriers of its platform and officially lands on Snapchat and Instagram, allowing the sharing of tweet content on social networks. Finally, this will allow many users to perform an operation that previously could only be done by sharing screenshots.

To make the announcement was precisely the social network of chirps that, through a message on its official profile has anticipated the addition of the new feature on the new version of the application. Crossposting between platforms has become an increasingly common practice that, without an adequate tool, has forced users to take screenshots to be inserted later in the stories and images of their profile in order to comment or make any reference targeted towards a specific post. Instead, as you can see from the image shared by Twitter, you can see how the new feature is able to offer a more harmonious and less handcrafted publication of content, with a better effect on the readability of the final result.

Twitter on Snapchat and Instagram, how tweets appear on the platforms

As anticipated, Twitter's step forward will make say goodbye (or at least hopefully) to the screenshot snippets that you often had the opportunity to encounter on Instagram stories or Snapchat. Sharing takes on a whole new aspect, thanks to the possibility of integrating into the content of the two platforms dedicated to images of real stickers, more precise and editable through the inclusion of emoji, text and what is offered by the two social

At first glance, the structure resembles that of Fleet, or the system of insertion of tweets within the stories of Twitter, a format still little exploited by users of the platform of chirps. Just like Fleet, once you tap on the icon dedicated to sharing a single tweet, you can select the icon of the social network on which you want to publish the content and change the size and position with respect to the background image.

Interesting feature is the complete integration between the two platforms and not just a visual reference to a tweet. In fact, once the operation is completed, the Snap will remain linked to the original message on Twitter and, with a tap of the finger on the sticker, it will be possible to directly access the platform and follow the conversation generated by the publication.

Twitter sharing on Snapchat and Instagram, who can use it

According to what is reported by Twitter, the sharing feature on Snapchat would have already been released for users who have a smartphone with iOS operating system. Obviously, to take advantage of it, you need to update the app via the App Store to be able to display it within the user interface.

For the counterpart on Instagram stories, however, we will probably have to wait a few more days. In fact, in another tweet, the platform explains how the feature is still being tested on a small percentage of accounts before it becomes available to the entire Twitter audience.

Although it's not yet available at the moment, users with Android devices could also get their hands on sharing via Instagram and Snapchat as early as the next few updates. In fact, the team is working on the inclusion of the same feature on the version of the application dedicated to the green robot operating system, although at the moment no useful date has been provided for the final release.