Twitter prepares the Undo button, in the future also the editing of tweets

Twitter continues to experiment with new features: the latest is a sort of countdown that allows you to cancel the sending of a tweet within a few seconds, but the most requested novelty is still waiting.

Twitter may be ready to launch the Undo button. To show the long-awaited feature is a short animation shared on the social network of chirps, highlighting not only the operation but also the graphic appearance that could take if and when it becomes an integral part of the platform.

The clip, in gif format, was published by Jane Manchun Wong, the app researcher who reported that Twitter was already working to implement what should soon become the "Cancel" button. Always been the great unjustified absentee, as well as the ability to edit tweets already published, the button could be among the substantial changes that the platform would be about to release in the coming months. There is therefore great ferment in the headquarters of the social, given that only in recent days there has been talk of subscription content and audio chat room in Clubhouse style and an e-commerce-style cart.

Twitter, how the Undo button works

According to what is illustrated by the short video published by the researcher, the Undo button allows you to act exclusively on tweets just published. The function is quite intuitive: immediately after clicking - or tapping, depending on the device - on the send button, the platform gives the user the possibility to delete the content for a few seconds.

The button, made in the typical colors of the platform, appears as a progress bar, showing the user the time remaining to perform the operation. After the time available, the progress bar becomes inactive and it is no longer possible to delete the content in this mode but only through the one already available, that is click/tap on the three dots and then on the item Delete.

The structure of the functionality is not completely unknown to the people of the network. In fact, even Gmail offers this kind of possibility, i.e. the cancellation of the sending of an email in the 5-30 seconds (depending on the selected settings of the users) following the click on the send button.

Twitter, is the Undo button part of the subscriptions?

The possible introduction of the Undo button on Twitter was already talked about last year. In fact, the platform itself had suggested the introduction of this option in a survey addressed to users, but within the bonus features of a possible subscription.

And given the growing rumors about the arrival of Super Follows, or the paid membership to some profiles to receive exclusive content and buy badges for the most interesting creators, it becomes more and more concrete the possibility of seeing the blue button pop up soon on the platform. Free or not, however, is yet to be discovered.