How to delete messages, emails and tweets sent by mistake

Mistakes happen to everyone. Anyone at least once has sent a text message to the wrong contact or with errors in it, let's see how to remedy

A mistake can happen to everyone. Especially when we write a text message. An email sent by mistake, or an SMS written to the wrong contact can really cause us several problems. Fortunately, it's possible to immediately delete a message or tweet sent by mistake.

Let's start with emails sent with an error. Some email services, for example, allow you to unsend the message. To do this, you need to go into your account settings and look for the option that cancels the sending of the email. This feature allows you to delete conversations that have already been sent. In practice it works like this: every time we click on the "Send" button, instead of starting automatically, a pop-up menu will appear on our screen asking us to confirm sending. This is a good technique to avoid getting the wrong mail to the wrong contact.

Airplane Mode

If we are professionals at sending the wrong SMS, don't worry. On both iOS and Android, Airplane Mode could save us from a number of embarrassments. However, we must act immediately. If we realize that we have sent a wrong message, before it completes its sending phase we must go to the shortcuts and select the airplane mode. The speed in this gesture will make the difference between a bad impression or not. The operation is similar on both iPhone and Android. Just scroll down from the top and select the icon with the drawing of the airplane.

How to stop a tweet

On Twitter to avoid spelling mistakes, typos or writing something hasty there is a function of confirmation of the tweet. To activate this function we must rely on a platform external to Twitter, but still official microblogging site, which is called TweetDeck. Let's install it on our smartphone (it also has a desktop version for Mac and Chrome) and start managing our tweets from there in total safety.