What is and how does the Runtastic fitness app work?

If you're an exercise enthusiast and your goal is to monitor your performance, Runtastic is for you.

Like any self-respecting athlete, are you planning to monitor your performance through a multifunctional app that follows you like a real personal trainer? If so, Runtastic is the app for you!

What is Runtastic?

Runtastic is an app that, once installed on your mobile device, will be able to accurately monitor your workout (whatever sport you're talking about), giving you a whole series of data about your workout thanks to the movement sensors installed by default in your smartphone.

Before we get into the details of its many features, a specific one is in order: Runtastic is the name of the developer, who has produced several apps, each dedicated to a specific sport, or a category of sports, so that you can be monitored more accurately throughout your sporting performance. Let's take a look at three of the main apps developed by Runtastic to professionally track you throughout your workout!

Runtastic: Steps Counter

Steps Counter is an app dedicated, as its name suggests, to counting the steps you take while walking. This specific application - formerly known as Runtastic Me - was created in response to the need to keep track of everyone, even those who are new to physical activity, while walking. Per usufruirne, basterà scaricare l’applicazione da Play Store se si possiede un dispositivo con sistema operativo Android, o da Apple Store se si possiede invece un dispositivo con sistema operativo iOS.

Una volta installata con successo l’App, accedervi sarà semplice e intuitivo: ci sarà un primo step di registrazione nel quale dovrete inserire i vostri dati fondamentali all’utilizzo, per poi poter godere appieno di tutte le funzionalità che questa applicazione ha da offrire. L’applicazione è divisa in diverse schermate.

  • Notizie: offre preziosi consigli in termini di salute fisica
  • Progressi: mostra le statistiche mensili inerenti al tuo allenamento
  • Attività: mostra l’attività svolta, anche in termini di distanza
  • Profilo: mostra la schermata relativa alle impostazioni del proprio profilo

Runtastic: Adidas Training

Considered by most athletes as the best app to monitor their performance of the package offered by Runtastic, Adidas Training is an app created in collaboration with the famous sports brand Adidas in order to offer a complete monitoring and training service. Basically, it doesn't look that different from other Runtastic apps: it's always divided into different sections (News, Progress, Activity, etc.). In this innovative section you'll be able to get a complete personal training service: you'll be able to decide which part or parts of your body you want to train during your physical activity session, choosing from numerous combinations of exercises all shown in precise video lessons created in collaboration with expert trainers. Installing and using this app is totally free, however, there is a Pro section - for a fee of €9.99/month - thanks to which you can access exclusive content and numerous even more specific video lessons.

Runtastic: Adidas Running

Adidas Running - also developed by Runtastic in collaboration with Adidas - was specifically created to monitor the athletic activity of fans of not only running, but also sports such as soccer, cycling, swimming, tennis and many more.

Also in this case, once you install the App, the interface you'll find to manage is simple and intuitive, divided into various sections such as News, Progress, Activities, Plans and Profile. The most interesting thing about Adidas Running is its adaptability to any type of sport, which you'll need to set up before starting your workout in the "Activities" section.

Runtastic: Social Networking

Each of the apps developed by Runtastic also provides for the creation of a real community of athletes. Within the News section it will be possible to add contacts who use the package's apps, track them down through other social networks and add them to your network of virtual friends. Within this sport-community you will be able to exchange news, share workouts, progress activities and stimulate each other with messages of encouragement.

A good solution to keep fit without sacrificing social life and fun! If you're a sporty person, whether you're a beginner or a competitive athlete, and you want to support or stimulate your physical training, you'll surely find Runtastic to be a valuable ally!