What is the new Entertainment Space on Android tablets

Google launches a new interface dedicated to entertainment and video games on Android tablets: a little bit Google TV, a little bit Play Store.

With Entertainment Spaces, Google revolutionizes the space dedicated to entertainment on Android tablets. The section, accessible from the home screen, will act as a hub for content offered by leading video streaming services, games and e-books to make the media user experience even more satisfying.

Because of their format, tablets represent a tool that is perfectly suited to entertainment; with a screen larger than a smartphone and smaller than a smart TV, as well as connectivity to the mobile network and wi-fi, this device can be a respectable support at home or away. With the new space created by Google, Android tablets combine these features with those of an organized center for the search and enjoyment of content, made available by the various services available on your device, both free and paid, without having to constantly switch from one app to another.

Entertainment Space, how it works

As explained by Google on its official blog, once you've subscribed to a service (or verified the presence of an existing subscription) and completed your login via the app, Entertainment Space will insert the titles of the content in its library, for easy searching. The service also creates a profile in which to record the user's preferences; if the tablet is shared, it is possible to create multiple profiles to offer a personalized experience to each member of the family.

In the "Watch" tab it is then possible to navigate between the content available on the various platforms integrated into the system. The "Watch" tab allows you to navigate through the content available on the various platforms integrated into the system.

Entertainment Space, space for games

There is also an area dedicated to games. Also in this case there is a list with the recommendations dedicated to the user, as well as one dedicated to the titles already installed with the possibility of resuming the game from where it was interrupted, as well as starting a new one. There are also "instant play" games, or those that allow you to start a game without having to wait for the application to download.

Entertainment Space, how it works

In the "Read" tab, however, the space is dedicated to books: whether you want to continue reading the books you've already started or choose a new title from Google Play Books, this is the right place in Entertainment Space. In addition to reading, there are also audiobooks. Before buying, you can read an excerpt of a few pages, take advantage of offers and recommendations to never make a book mistake.

Entertainment Space, when it arrives

From this month Entertainment Space makes its appearance on the tablets of Walmart, a U.S. chain dedicated to shopping. Later, it will also be integrated on existing Android tablets from Lenovo, Sharp and many other manufacturers.