What New World, Amazon’s first signature game, looks like

New World is the first computer video game developed by Amazon Studios. Here's what it's about and how to download it for free

Amazon is embarking on a new challenge: developing successful video games. The Seattle-based company is about to launch New World, the first video game developed by the new division born at the behest of Bezos himself. Amazon has carried out a real buying campaign, hiring the best talents of the most important software houses and investing on the new Lumberyard graphics engine that derives from CryEngine.

What exactly is New World? Amazon called it an MMO (Massive(ly) Multiplayer Online) with sandbox features and a preference for player-on-player combat. Precisely this last point is the one on which you bet more: in the ideas of Amazon players will face off in fights with hundreds and hundreds of participants. There is no fear of possible technical problems related to overcrowding: Amazon has made available servers in grafo to accommodate a virtually infinite number of people. Until now the video game has been tested only by a small number of players and the press, but the first impressions are not very good. New World presents some good ideas that have not been exploited by the developers. In addition, it was not possible to test the soul PvP (player versus player) of New World, the core of the game.

Where is set New World

As you can guess from the name, New World is set in a continent located in the Atlantic Ocean, halfway between Europe and the United States. Colonized only in the seventeenth century by explorers from Europe, they soon began to build the first cities. The continent, however, was already inhabited by the native population and hides secrets that players will discover as the game progresses.

Starting from here, each person will be able to build their own character, join a group and contribute to the growth of a city or tribe. The main objective, however, remains the battles and the conquest of resources to build fortifications and buildings. For this reason it is important to be part of a large group of players: New World is not a game that can be played alone.

The characters of New World

Each player has the freedom to develop the character as he/she likes, there are no pre-set classes to choose from. Your character's abilities are bifurcated into two branches: skills and attributes. The skills are the real abilities and affect aspects such as crafting and manual work, while the second are the characteristics of your profile. Cambiando le skill e gli attributi è possibile dar vita a personaggi differenti a seconda delle necessità del proprio gruppo.

I primi giudizi

I pochi fortunati che sono riusciti a testare il videogame hanno espresso un giudizio non proprio eccelso su New World. Il gioco presenta spunti interessanti, ma che finora Amazon Studios non è riuscito a valorizzare. Il gioco è ancora in una fase alpha ed è probabile che alcuni problemi verranno risolti prima del rilascio ufficiale.

Come scaricare New World

Il videogame non è ancora disponibile per tutti gli utenti. Chi vorrà provare in anteprima New World potrà iscriversi alla fase alpha direttamente sul sito ufficiale. Il gioco è disponibile solamente per PC Windows. Questi i requisiti:

  • Processore: Intel Core i7-2600K/AMD Ryzen 5 1400
  • Scheda grafica: NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 390X or better
  • RAM: 16GB RAM
  • Hard disk: SSD
  • DirectX 12 e Windows 10
  • Spazio libero sull’hard disk: 35GB
  • Connessione a Internet.