What will change for the PSN with the launch of the PlayStation 5

Integrated cloud and new enhanced system for online multiplayer matches, these are some of the new features announced by Sony that we will find on PlayStation 5

Sony is working hard to launch the new PlayStation 5 gaming console as soon as possible. According to the latest rumors, the PS5 will not arrive until the second half of 2019, most likely just before Christmas 2019. In the meantime, however, there is some important official news about the features we will find on board the Sony console.

The Japanese company has partly delayed the design of the new PlayStation 5 because it wants to radically improve the infrastructure of the PlayStation Network, the service that allows PlayStation owners to "find each other" and play multiplayer games online. In recent years, PSN has been a bit of a pebble in Sony's shoe. The online platform was launched in 2006 but hasn't received any major innovations since the launch of the PlayStation 3. It's no surprise that many PS4 users complain of slowdowns or bugs during online challenges. For this reason, and especially because now most of the successful titles have a great playability in online multiplayer, Sony has decided to completely renew the PSN before the launch PlayStation 5.

How will the new PlayStation Network

Among the various innovations that we should expect, one of the most interesting is the improvement of the cloud service. On PSN, in fact, is already present PlayStation Now, but Sony intends to equip its console coming out in 2019 with a service that allows you to save titles and games directly on the cloud, so you can retrieve them whenever you want and, above all, from any device you use. The news, however, do not stop there: it is the intention of the Japanese company to change its online gaming service in many ways, going to improve the overall usability and user experience of the ecosystem of multiplayer gaming.