WhatsApp and Messages Blocked on iPhone, what happens

After reaping victims among Android users, the black spot of death lands on iPhone. Here its effects are even worse

At this point, it can be safely renamed as the "black spot of death". The message that in the past few days had claimed thousands of victims among Android users, seems to have landed on iOS (and therefore on iPhone) with the same, ominous, effects it had on the green robot smartphones.

Of course, this new message does not force users to reset the phone and return it to factory settings, as happened in the past in similar situations, but it is not at all a positive news. That doesn't take away from the fact that the consequences of the message with the black dot are at least annoying, both for Android and iOS users. Indeed, if possible, it is precisely the latter to pay the highest price: the message, in fact, would seem to "work" both on WhatsApp and Messages, the messaging app developed by Apple itself and widely used by all iPhone users.

What happens if you press on the message with the black dot on iPhone

As already seen for Android devices, the message with black dot blocks the operation of the smartphone for about ten seconds, depending on the model and its "seniority". On Applephones, however, the consequences seem to be worse. If you receive the text on Messages, there will be no need to open the chat or, even less, to press on the message: its effects will be felt immediately and automatically, blocking the iPhone for about ten seconds. What's worse, Messages will no longer work, neither by forcing its closure nor by restarting the iPhone. In short, the message with the black dot risks making you lose all the chats you have inside Messages.

How to avoid having your iPhone locked

Unfortunately, a possible solution has already been found that allows you to delete the message without the need to open the chat. Just keep your finger on the Messages icon until the contextual menu appears (thus taking advantage of 3D Touch) and from there select "New Message". When the window opens, choose Cancel to return to the main Messages screen and from the conversation list delete the chat containing the message with the black dot.