WhatsApp, how to send a message to a number not saved in the address book

Click to chat is a feature of WhatsApp that allows you to send messages to numbers not saved in the address book: here's how it works

One of the rules of WhatsApp is that to send a message to a person (friend, family member, work colleague) you must have his phone number registered in the address book. What if we have the SIM number, but we have not saved it on the smartphone? Is it possible to send him a message on WhatsApp? The answer is yes, but you have to use a little-known feature of the messaging application. We are talking about "Click to chat", a feature that has always been present on WhatsApp, but that you most likely do not know.

To be able to use this feature you just need to have a registered account on WhatsApp and the phone number of the person to whom you want to send the message. In addition, to use "Click to chat" you need to have a device connected to the Internet and a browser. The feature, in fact, is nothing more than a link to be inserted on the browser. Here's how to use the simple WhatsApp trick.

How Click to Chat Works

With WhatsApp's "Click to Chat" feature, you create a link through which you can send messages on the messaging app to numbers not saved in your address book. The operation is very simple and works on both smartphones and computers. You have to open the browser and enter this URL "https://wa.me/<numberoditelefono>": where <numberoditelefono> stands for the phone number in full international format, without adding hyphens, brackets or an initial zero. Logically, to send a message, the recipient must have an active and working WhatsApp account.

Once the URL is created and Enter is pressed, a window will appear on the device screen with the message "Messaging <numberoditelefono> on WhatsApp" and at the bottom a green button that says "Messaging". Clicking on the button will open the classic WhatsApp chat and you can send the message to the number that you have not saved in the address book.

How to send a preset message with the function "Click to chat"

The user also has the possibility to create a link with a preset message that is sent to the recipient as if it were a kind of greeting. To do this you need to create a URL of this type "https://wa.me/numeroditelefonowhatsapp/?text=testocodificatourl" where "numeroditelefonowhatsapp" stands for the phone number in full international format and "testocodificatourl "stands for the preset message to be sent to the recipient.

This sounds like a complicated procedure, but in reality it is very simple and most importantly useful.