Where to see Premier League and FA Cup matches live streaming

The spectacular matches of the English competitions can also be seen comfortably from Italy. Here's how to watch the Premier League and FA Cup matches.

The fact that the Premier League, as claimed by many, is the most beautiful soccer league in the world can be discussed at length without ever reaching an unequivocal conclusion. On the fact that English soccer, including the FA Cup, is the most attractive and, consequently, the one that is best paid by the television stations, there can be no doubts since it is a matter of numbers, objective in essence.

Football in the United Kingdom gives life to matches that are, on average, more spectacular than elsewhere. Merit or cause - it depends on the point of view - of a lesser attention to tactics that allows the players to express themselves at the best of their possibilities thanks to a less rigid context, the opposite premise, for example, compared to the one in which the Italian football movement, home of the catenaccio, has always been identified. Tactical, closed matches, with long phases of study of the adversary and with some sporadic peaks of intensity are not part of the DNA of the Premier League nor of the FA Cup, competitions that instead are known for their spectacle, frenzy and unpredictability.

How to watch the Premier League and the FA Cup on TV

Contrary to what one might believe, both the Premier League and the FA Cup can be watched in Italy without any subterfuge or complex and sometimes not very legal procedures.

The TV rights of the two English competitions have been contested for years by Italian broadcasters. Currently the TV rights of the British equivalent of our Serie A are held by Sky, so those who want to see the Premier League matches must subscribe to the satellite TV of the American group Comcast.

The package of reference for the Premier League is Sky Sport, which requires the installation of a satellite system with dish and decoder, or alternatively you can opt for transmission via the Internet thanks to the decoder Sky Q.

When it comes to the FA Cup, the main English national soccer cup and the oldest official football competition in the world, you have to look elsewhere, specifically in the direction of DAZN. It is a multi-platform service, therefore usable through a very large number of more or less portable devices.

Wanting to see the FA Cup matches on TV you can follow different paths. One is through the agreement between Sky and DAZN, which led the latter to have channels on the Sky platform. Therefore, through the decoders of the satellite broadcaster, you can comfortably remedy the situation, of course not before having subscribed to DAZN. However, English soccer is not always broadcast on Sky's DAZN channel: sometimes priority is given to Italian matches.

Otherwise, to watch FA Cup matches on TV with DAZN without having Sky is easy if you have a smart TV among those supported (LG Web OS TV, Samsung Tizen TV, Panasonic Smart TV, HiSense Smart TV or any Android TV including those from Sony) or you can use one of the many supported devices such as a Windows, Mac or Linux laptop, set-top-box, smart TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, TIM Box, Vodafone TV, Xbox One, One S, One X, Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

How to watch Premier League and FA Cup streaming

To ensure the spectacle of the Premier League and FA Cup wherever you are, then streaming, you must first have a good internet connection, fast and stable as those in fiber optics, or alternatively a connection via cellular data network (4G or 5G) with the same qualities in terms of signal stability and speed.

Premier League matches that, as mentioned, are broadcast by Sky can be followed with maximum flexibility through the Sky Go app for PC, Android or iOS smartphones and tablets.

For FA Cup matches that are broadcast by DAZN you just need one of the devices supported by the DAZN app, so Android or iOS smartphones and tablets and all the others listed above.