Where to see Serie A matches live streaming

Italians have always loved soccer, they cheer for their favourite team and they want to see all Serie A matches and, now, it is possible to do it both at home and away.

Seven top positions to fly in Europe, four in the Champions League and three in the Europa League. In the opposite half of the standings they fight not to end up on the last three boxes, which force as many teams to start from the B. This is the formula that for years has made the Serie A championship, the most watched by Italians and one of the most popular in the world, so exciting.

It is no news that soccer is the most popular sport in Italy, so TV rights are a central issue for those who, like Sky or DAZN, aspire to broadcast the ball on the small screen. They are also fundamental for the Serie A teams (and not only), who derive the lifeblood necessary to keep their budgets alive from the proceeds of the sale of TV rights. For some time now, the assignment of TV rights in Italy has provided for a three-year contract for the broadcasting of matches, with most of them assigned exclusively to the operator that makes the most advantageous offer.

How to watch Serie A on TV

To watch live TV of the feats of the champions with the ball between their feet and the spectacular fights to win the Scudetto, a place in Europe or not to relegate, it is necessary to subscribe.The two references for the Serie A 2020/2021 are Sky and DAZN, the latter that bases its offer on streaming but by virtue of an agreement has brought the channels on the Sky platform via satellite.

Serve then a satellite system consisting of dish and decoder, and a subscription that entitles you to watch channels dedicated to soccer Sky and DAZN1, the channel 209 platform. The alternative option is the new concept decoder Sky Q that also brings streaming broadcasts on the TV at home, including then the offer via the internet of DAZN and the three exclusive matches broadcast every day.

How to watch Serie A streaming

The streaming transmission has several advantages, including the extreme flexibility that comes from being able to see Serie A matches anywhere with a device with an internet connection.

For Sky matches there is the Sky Go app for PC, smartphones and tablets, or, as mentioned above, you can take advantage of Sky Q for transmission via the internet. For matches broadcast on DAZN the options are more numerous: Windows, Mac or Linux computers via web browser and also via apps for smartphones and tablets both Android and iOS, set-top-boxes, smart TVs (with Android TV, Samsung Tizen and LG Web OS), Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Xbox One, One S, One X, Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

A good internet connection is obviously essential, fast and stable as those in fiber optics, or alternatively a connection via cellular data network (4G or 5G) with the same qualities in terms of signal stability and speed.

Starting from the 2021/2022 Serie A championship instead all matches will be on DAZN, many of them exclusively. To benefit, as mentioned, will be the flexibility: you can then watch soccer in and out of the house thanks to the many supported devices in the list above, or when the TV is busy.