WhatsApp, it will be possible to use the same account on multiple devices

WhatsApp is developing a new cross-platform system that allows you to use the same account on different devices. Here's how it works

Every successful app goes through big changes. In the beginning, WhatsApp was just a simple app to exchange messages for free, while now it has become an all-encompassing service. And now the app is ready to face a new big change: allowing users to use the same account on multiple devices at the same time. This is a epochal change, able to revolutionize forever the use of WhatsApp.

To make the announcement are the guys at WABetaInfo, always well informed about news concerning WhatsApp. In the code of the beta version of the application appeared the reference to a new cross-platform system. What does it mean? That to use WhatsApp on your computer you won't need to have an active data connection on your smartphone. In addition, it will be possible to use the same WhatsApp profile on multiple smartphones: the account will no longer be tied to the SIM card, but to a new system that technicians are developing. A real revolution for the most widely used application in the world.

How to use WhatsApp on multiple devices simultaneously

To use WhatsApp on your computer you must have your smartphone with an active data connection, otherwise WhatsApp Web can not receive any messages. To break this subordination, the application's engineers are developing a new cross-platform system that allows you to use the same WhatsApp account on multiple devices. It will no longer be necessary to have a data connection on your phone to receive messages on your PC. But that's not all. It will be possible to share the same profile even on different smartphones.

A user, for example, will be able to send a video to a friend using the computer and then reply from the tablet or smartphone. The new feature will be active for both iOS and Android devices and logically for Windows computers as well.

WhatsApp coming to new devices

After arriving on millions of non-smart phones, WhatsApp continues its diffusion process. According to WABeta Info, the app for Windows 10 and the iPad would be almost ready. With the release of the two new applications, the cross-platform system should also arrive. In short, for WhatsApp is a rather hectic period, a signal that Facebook is continuing to invest in the development of the app, despite being the most used in the World.

When the new feature of WhatsApp arrives

There are no certainties on this point. Surely the system is under development, but it is difficult to make predictions about the release date. The hope is to test it at least by the end of 2019.