WhatsApp on two phones: the novelty in beta that everyone was waiting for

The ability to use the same WhatsApp profile on two phones at the same time is one of the forbidden dreams of hundreds of millions of users around the world, but now things are about to change

One of the most awaited novelties of WhatsApp, namely the ability to use the same profile on two phones at the same time, is finally about to become reality. This is an evolution of WhatsApp "multi-device", available to all for a few weeks, but with a big limit.

Limit that is about to disappear according to the always well-informed author of the blog WABetaInfo, which has found yet another hint of the arrival of "multi phone" in the latest beta of the app. A novelty that can really change the way we use the WhatsApp app, for the better, for example by allowing us to use the same profile on our personal phone and on our work phone. Or on two personal phones, even one Android and the other iPhone with iOS. This last option, by the way, would be an evolution of the function to migrate the chat archive from iOS to Android, also very recent. After months, if not years, of inertia, then, WhatsApp really seems to have woken up.

WhatsApp on two phones: how it works now

With the recent introduction of "multi-device" on WhatsApp you can use the same profile on up to four devices at once. The big limitation, however, is that of the four devices only one can be a mobile device with a phone SIM. So only one smartphone or tablet, but maybe two or more computers.

Those who try to do the procedure for multi-device WhatsApp on two phones today, in fact, get the unfortunate result of disconnecting the first phone as soon as they connect the second.

WhatsApp on two phones: what changes now

The news intercepted by WABetaInfo is all in a screenshot, published by the blog: you can see the message with which WhatsApp warns the user that the app is downloading encrypted messages on the new associated device. It is the message we see every time we connect a new device to WhatsApp, with the procedure already mentioned.

But, this time, the screenshot has something different: it is in vertical, so it comes from a smartphone or tablet. From a second smartphone or tablet, to be precise, since the message is always shown on the added device and not on the main one.

According to WABetaInfo, then, in the latest WhatsApp beta it is possible to use the same profile on two phones or, anyway, on two mobile devices.

WhatsApp on two phones: when it arrives

As we have always explained to you, when we talk about new features present in WhatsApp betas, even this time we reiterate that the feature is not yet available for everyone. WhatsApp, in the past, has several times included interesting new features in beta apps, without then bringing them to the official apps (or doing it much later, as in the case of multi-device).

This time, however, the signs are different: WhatsApp, in fact, in the last two months has greatly accelerated the development of new features and updates the app much more frequently. It seems as if it has woken up from a state of torpor and, most likely, the reason for the awakening is to be found in the increasingly credible competition from Telegram, which churns out new features every month at an incredible rate.