When does The Mandalorian 2 come out

The Mandalorian 2 will be available on Disney + from October: no delay caused by Covid-19

In times of pandemic even the cinema and TV series are done in smart working and, for the most successful productions, there will be no significant delays in the presentation of new seasons. It will be so, for example, for the live-action The Mandalorian 2 for which executive producer Jon Favreau has confirmed the release date.

And this is great news for fans of the Star Wars saga, who literally devoured the eight episodes of the first season on Disney+. And, indirectly, it's also great news for the newborn Disney+ streaming service that had one of its spearheads in this series. Being a live-action series, that is, episodes shot with actors in the flesh, many had feared that the pandemic and the resulting lockdown could have blocked the filming of The Mandalorian 2 but, fortunately, things turned out differently.

The Mandalorian 2: when it comes out

The Mandalorian 2's luck was that the filming of the new episodes had already been completed shortly before the lockdown and, consequently, we had already moved on to the post-production, special effects and editing phases of the episodes already shot. All work done on the computer, willingly even from home. We were lucky enough to finish filming before the lockdown," Favreau said in an interview with the American press, "so thanks to the latest generation of technology from Lucasfilm and Industrial Light & Magic we were able to do all the editing and special effects remotely. Smartworking, therefore, applied to the film industry. The result? The Mandalorian 2 will be released in October on Disney+, as expected and despite all the rumors circulated in recent weeks.

How to watch The Mandalorian

For those who want to catch up on The Mandalorian while waiting for the second season to arrive, they can do so by signing up for Disney+ and using one of the devices supported by the platform. Like most video streaming services, Disney+ also requires a monthly subscription. To watch the first season of The Mandalorian on TV or streaming, you need to install the video streaming service's app on your device, sign in with your credentials and press on the banner dedicated to the TV series. A screen will open with the eight episodes and pressing the "Play" button will start playback.